4 Marriages per 1 honeymoon in grief following the death of a “voice iconic”

The world of comedy is mourning the loss. On June 16, 2020, Patrick Poivey died at the age of 72 years. A sad news was announced by the official Twitter account of Laughter & Songs, radio for which he performed voice-overs. It was also one of the famous program of TF1 4 Marriages per 1 honeymoon. On the social network of the blue bird, the production ITV Studios France has therefore sought to make him a beautiful tribute.

“We have learned with great emotion the death of the great actor Patrick Poivey. It was the voice emblematic of the show 4 weddings for a honeymoon. The teams of ITV Studios France and TF1 are very sad this evening. All our condolences to his family,” wrote the production of 4 Marriages for every 1 honeymoon. She also shared a black and white photo of the deceased Patrick Poivey in front of a microphone. An image that represents it perfectly.

If he has played in a few plays after having completed the course, Simon and be spent in the Conservatory, it’s mostly his voice that marked the public. Patrick Poivrey took himself of passion for the dubbing in the early 70’s and has had the chance to lend her voice to many american stars, including Bill Murray Tootsie, Kevin Costner Meaning single, Duo and three-Up at the end of the dream, Kenneth Branagh for Othello, or even Charlie Sheen in Wall Street. But Patrick Poivey was the French voice record for Bruce Willis since 1988 with Murder in Hollywood, and then die hard, Pulp Fiction (1994), A day in hell (1995), Armageddon (1998), Sixth Sense (1999), Sin City (2005), Split (2017), Brooklyn Affairs (2019).

The late comedian, who has also lent her voice to animation films, has produced jingles and trailers for Laughter & Songs. “The whole team of @rirechansons is sad tonight… our voice antenna, but our friend before any Patrick Poivey has just left us. Artist huge, doubler talented (among others the French voice of Bruce Willis)… a good guy,” wrote the radio station to pay tribute to him.

Patrick Poivey leaves behind his wife, the actress Séverine Morisot.