A if the sun is high : An actor tackle Plus belle la vie and Tomorrow belongs to us

There is competition between TF1, France 2 and France 3. These three channels have their soap in French with Tomorrow belongs to us, A big sun and a More beautiful life, and each to his audience. Fred Bianconi, which has incorporated A large sun in 2018 slipping into the character of Virgil, gave an interview to the Midi libre on June 28, 2020. At the turn of a sentence, it has down its competitors.

The actor that we’ve seen in Gears (Canal+), or Thank you, the children are doing well (M6) has explained how one was presented to him in the series in which he could have a role. “When I was offered A great sun, we didn’t know what it would look like. In France, a daily, that is what it is ? It is More beautiful life.Tomorrow belongs to us… Well … They told me that they wanted to do something different.” And it is obviously because we explained to him that this would not be a fiction as PBLV and DNA, yet very strong at the hearings, Fred Bianconi has agreed to incorporate the series.

He said that the idea would be to”upgrade the concept, go to the qualitative”. He continues : “I was scared, especially the bluish light that gives the impression that you are going to sell the laundry ! But no, they wanted an image over-worked, prefer natural scenery, beautiful materials… in Short, I felt a desire to be different.” Implies that the programs of TF1 and France 3 are of low quality ? There is little doubt.

In any case, for the past two years, Fred Bianconi does not regret his choice to join the team of A large sun, even though at first, he had the idea that it may not be. “I think it is the idea of going for an adventure group, I am very ‘collective ‘high band’, which has come to convince me. And then I said to myself that if it didn’t work, if I was le, we would have to find a way for me to provide for an exit”, he explained. An output, which proved to be useless.