A step from the sky 6: cast, bets and location of fiction rai with daniele liotti

A step from the sky 6: cast, bets and location of fiction rai with daniele liotti

Ends on rai1 one step from heaven 6 – the guardians, the new season of fiction starring daniele liotti in the shoes of the black Frankish forest inspector, who changed life after the death of emma. The fiction, which consists of 16 episodes, occupied the first evening of Thursday of rai1 for eight episodes. The protagonist francesco blacks and the commissioner winnzo nappi have faced new cases and adventures, comparing also with personal events.

The location of the TV series has changed, always shot between the peaks of the Dolomites but in Veneto, and new actors have added to the cast of characters. Alongside daniele liotti there is still embellished ianniello, it is returned giusy buscemi, that interprets manuela nappi. Among the new entries in the cast there are aurora ruffino (dafne,) anna dalton (elda,) serena iansiti (carolina).

A step from heaven 6, the anticipations of the last episodein the eighth episode despite the efforts of winning, francesco learns of a secret that tears all its certainties. He will choose whether to trust the words of his winning friends and manuela, or to let go to anger and revenge. One thing is certain: at the end of the road leading to the Franciscan mine will find a new beginning.

A step from heaven 6, the cast of the TV serieshere are the protagonists of a step from heaven 6 – the guardians. Daniele liotti retains the role of black francesco, while embellishment ianniello is conqueror nappi. Giusy knocks me back into the cast of fiction with the role of manuela nappi and serena iansini is carolina.

And again jenny de nucci is isabella ferrante, luca chikovani is enrico coast, while filippo de carli is giorgio. The plot of a step from the sky 6- the guardiansin the sixth season of a step from the black Franciscan sky, after the disappearance of his beloved emma, he is thinking of leaving for Slovenia. Nappi meets carolina, who works as an eco consultant, cheating the local rich.

The seventh episode of May 13the body of a boy is found not far away a monastery perched on a mountain. Winning and Franciscan will have to enter the silent and tormented world of a border country, where ancient rivalries collide with secret loves. Meanwhile an unexpected return upsets the life of manuela and vincenzo.

Francesco slowly approaches the truth about emma just when his relationship with daphne and the small lara arrives at a turning point. Franciscan and Vincentian will have to enter the tensions between father and daughter, if they want to discover the truth they seek. The third betin the third episode of one step from heaven 6 – the guardians, a pregnant Kurdish refugee disappears into nothing.

Francesco and vincenzo are overwhelmed by his tale that melts some mysteries but opens as many. The second beton the second episode we will see camilla, aspiring policeman, which saves manuela from the explosion of a bomb. Frankish and the others investigate and discover that there may be other bombs and that all clues lead to the old mine.

The first episode of Thursday 1 AprilA mysterious woman, daphne, is found in her life near an old mine that is about to be reopened. And when a little girl appears from the woods, black francesco and vincenzo are seen overwhelmed by a much bigger story than them. Also the return between the mountains of manuela, the sister of vincenzo, brings disgrace and novelty in the life of francesco.

Where to see episodes of a step from the sky 6 – guardians streaming on raiplayit will be possible to follow the fiction one step from the sky 6 for 8 Thursday, on rai1, from 1 April.