Aaron Carter : His ex had a miscarriage, they get back together

What a fascinating story than that of Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin. The american singer and model from Instagram form a new couple, after many adventures, including engagement, an announcement of pregnancy and a passage through the box prison.

But Monday, 8 June 2020, Aaron has sadly announced that Melanie Martin had a miscarriage. This challenge is likely to be closer to the two former, who have decided to give a chance to their story. “She has a miscarriage because of stress problems and I’m sorry about all of these things that I say on thee. I love you. I do not think. I was just angry with you. (…) We will give time for it to heal and we are going to try this again,” he said during a live broadcast on YouTube.

“It is something that we all want to the two. I have to take care of it, assured Aaron Carter, 32 years of age. “I’m happy. She has assumed full responsibility for what she has done,” he continues. “I think you’re also a bit out-of-line“, replied Melanie, also present at this live. “We had a lot of problems, but we loved him, we never sleep angry at one another. It forgives, but I’ve never done nothing wrong,” says Aaron Carter. They have also played several times during the live, while cutting the sound of the video. A couple reformed on the foundations of a very stable, therefore.

Melanie Martin has also told how she had picked her man : while pointing at him “without a call, without sending a message, nothing.” Many fans commented on what had happened to Viktoria Alexeeva, playful Russian olympic fencing, his new girlfriend since his break-up with Melanie.

Several times, he repeated that he “didn’t care” in Victoria, revealing that it had blocked on Instagram. “I’m moved on to something else quickly. It was a relationship rebound [“rebound” in French, “mouth-hole” which helps to move on to something else after a break-up difficult, editor’s NOTE]. I’ve never stopped loving Mel”, he assured.

On social networks, some doubt the fact that Melanie was a day pregnant with Aaron Carter. Several messages of support have been sent to Viktoria.

As a reminder, everything was gone pretty quickly between Aaron Carter and Melanie Martin. Two months after their meeting, he had decided that he tattooed his first name in a police imposing on the face, above the eyebrow. On the 30th of march last, Melanie told him of her pregnancy. Aaron was accusing him then of lying, and that had led to a violent fight between the couple.

The singer had then been scratched in the arm and the police had intervened. Melanie Martin had then been placed in police custody. After having treated his ex of “lying and manipulative” in the media, he had even to change his tattoo, which looks like now “mistake” (“mistake” in French) instead of “Melanie”.