Adele surprises in referring to a gown prior to his regime

In 2016, Adele was one of the headliners of the festival in Glastonbury. During this service of which many have yet to remember, the british singer of 32 years had worn a long black dress with batwing sleeves, decorated with sequins and signed Chloe. The interpreter of the title Hello was still in his dressing room.

The great voice to the millions of albums sold discs has proved that by posting new photos of her on his page Instagram followed by more than 37.7 million subscribers. She first shared a photo of her on stage in 2016, with no other caption than a smiley, and then after another picture of her in her famous dress Chloe, watching his concert at the festival of Glastonbury. “After 5 ciders”, she commented this time, so that these words also apply to another photo of it in jogging pants and a T-shirt ample in front of their tv. Since 2016, Adele has changed a lot physically since she has lost 45 pounds.

Many fans have seen in the publication of these photos, the announcement of a return. While its millions of fans are still waiting for the successor of 25, out in 2015, his fourth album is not yet ready to see the light of day.

Jonathan Dickins, manager to Adele, recently confirmed in an interview with Newsweek that the release of the album was once again postponed due to the health crisis. “It will not be for the months of September, he regretted it. We are all in the same boat. We try to make things happen and, all of a sudden, the whole world stops turning. Then it will be released when it’s ready. I can’t announce any date. We have music, but there is still work to do.”