Adeline Blondieau and his departure from Under the sun : “It had become too heavy”

Real star in the year 1990, thanks to his roles in sitcoms such as Girls next door,Adeline Blondieau has truly exploded when she was recruited to play in Under the sun. For fourteen years, the actress has interpreted Caroline Drancourt in Saint Tropez. An experience of which she does not keep that good memories.

Invited on the set of It starts today (France 2) Friday 22 may 2020, which has been married to Johnny Hallyday explained the reasons which made him leave the series. And these are far from being encouraging. “I stopped because as a human, it is very difficult shooting. It is a life where one does not leave a lot of room for your privacy. It takes you a lot of things : your time, your health… and the world doesn’t care”, she said to Faustine Bollaert. It must be said that at this time his family life was relegated to the second plan – she who became the mother of a son called Aïtor today at the age of 21-because of the intense pace of the filming.

Atmosphere terrible…

Exhausted and in lack of his baby, Adeline Blondieau has tried to raise the foot, but according to it, the production of this serial has done everything to prevent that, the imposition of intrigue, very heavy. “The production was put in mind of me doing a role that was his time to suffer, to be mistreated. It had become too heavy”, she admitted. In a result, it has made the decision to slam the door : “When the whole of the day, you’re doing scenes where you get to insult, bully, where there is an atmosphere of terrible, you’re suffering. Even the team was leaded. I asked if it was possible to change, they told me ‘no’, that I was boring, and so in these cases, I do not come back.”

This difficult period has even conduct a burn-out as she reminded us in the pages of Paris Match in April : “It is said because I too worked and that I have not sufficiently had of gratification. When the gap between what you give and what you receive is too large, it’ll messes up”. Adeline Blondieau is now away from the cameras to convert it back she is a relaxation therapist.