Aggression Eric Zemmour : the man who spit to him above stopped and surrendered

A “victim” of his own bad buzz on the social networks, the man who threatened Eric Zemmour in the streets of Paris, and who had shared the video of his assault against the polemicist 61-year-old, has been arrested by the police, reports the website of the Express.

On the Canvas appeared on a video view over a million of times in which one could see the former columnist decried of It isn’t lying, Eric Zemmour, shopping in hand, to insult, threaten, and spit on by an individual in the streets of the capital on April 30, 2020. The journalist and polemicist has filed a complaint on may 2, through its lawyer Olivier Pardo and the prosecutor’s office in Paris has opened an investigation for “violence” and “threats”. The site of The Express reports that the police has proved its effectiveness by having already arrested the individual named Mehdi Korchi.

According to the site, the man accused – who had had the brilliant idea to try to justify themselves on the social networks after the outcry caused by its aggression against Eric Zemmour before taking still the word to regret its gesture -would be domiciled in Orleans, and was in the streets of Paris in an illegal manner, since the country is still under the blow of the containment. He would have pleaded to come visit the family.

On CNews, Monday 4 may 2020, Eric Zemmour has made of the pure Eric Zemmour back on his aggression, the subject of a short item in the issue in the Face of the info, where he is a columnist. “I stick to my historical analysis. These islamo-bastards are the armed arm of a war of civilization, a jihad permanent which chases the infidel. This happened to me, it is annoying for me but, you know, it happened and it happens every day for decades to millions of French people”, he especially said.

For the time being, Mehdi Korchi remains presumed innocent of the alleged offence until the final judgment of this case.