Alain (married at first glance 2021) seen as a selfish sexist macho: he loads the assembly

Alain (married at first glance 2021) seen as a selfish sexist macho: he loads the assembly

There was water in the gas between cecile and alain (41 years) during the episode of brides first glance 2021 of April 12, on M6. The two candidates compatible to 83% had a small beak catch, a sequence to which the barber-dresser reacted in the instagram story, the day after the broadcast. While they were on their little clouds since their wedding trip, celebral and colt had their first argument.

Lassée and tired of being, according to her, the only one to make efforts in her couple, anissa’s mom (18) wanted to make a small development with her husband. “I understand but I work a lot. If coming here becomes a concession, I think our relationship will not lead to anything,” said his dear and tender a little vexed.

In front of her little screen while she was broadcast, Alain didn’t believe her eyes. Once again, he was disappointed with the editing and made him known ironically, during a question/answer session. He was asked if he better understood the cecile reaction after he saw the episode.

“Oh yes, I understand better. Frankly, I didn’t see that she’d made so many round trips in three weeks. I’m not a very beautiful person, a little selfish.”

Always on a sarcastic tone, Alain regretted that his image is so shattered: “to go for a sexist macho that doesn’t jack one, yes I’m very happy. This is not the first time that Alain is disappointed after an episode. He was accused of trying to seduce the girl of a cecile.

And he could have counted on his wife to defend him.