Alba Parietti in Ibiza, one of the legs to scream… with makeup: find the differences between photos and social reality

Alba Parietti on vacation in Ibiza, shows the on social his legs to scream. In the revised version. In the exclusive images of the weekly Today, in fact, the showgirl 59-year-old appears as it actually is. Not perfect, but beautiful. Only then she placed similar images on his social. With many, many differences: seeing is believing…

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THE THRESHOLD OF 60 YEARS – See it on Instagram, wrapped in a whole costume, with the detachment of the thigh of the golden years, is to scream “Wow!”. The problem is that the Alba Parietti that we see these days on social is a bit different from how it really is. The base is real, why is a 59-year-old Alba is beautiful; but there is a touch artificial.

Alba Parietti: the contagion, the accusations, the controversy, the defense: “Just processarmi! The virus changed me…”

WITH THE YOUNG, INSEPARABLE FRIEND – a pose on a dock in Ibiza. The violinist Christian Urso, young friend, from which it is inseparable, shows her in sexy poses; then, she scrolls through the images, select the best ones and post them on social media profiles. The comparison with the reality shows, however, that before you go into your photos are improved, the skin is smoothed, the masses a little bit strengthened and sculpted to an art. Among his followers (312 thousand), someone cries: “Why? You’re beautiful as you are.”

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