Albano carrisi, birthday with quarrel between romina power and loredana lecciso

Albano carrisi, birthday with quarrel between romina power and loredana lecciso

The singer of cellino san marco confesses exclusively to today on the occasion of his birthday. While the “sual women” give them holy reason once again…albano Carrisi celebrates with today his 78 years. The singer of cellino san marco confesses exclusively to our weekly and tells everything, but just everything.

The tour in the countries of the East, family mourning for covid, pride for children. And what he would like to ask the Leccid Lorraine companion, the former wife romina power and… a fedez. In short, the faida continues – private photos | video interviewAlbano Carrisi, loredana lecciso and their marriage: “Behold all the truth” – read | foto | videoat the bano, on 20 May he is 78 years old.

And I haven’t had a few, prostate cancer, heart attack, ischemia, vocal cord edema, I’ve got everything! The voice of albano carrisi arrives on the phone as lively as always. The most popular singer in Italy is about to reach an important milestone, but to retire does not want to know.

Albano carrisi, romina power and 50 years of marriage! – exclusiveHow will your birthday pass? I’m preparing a new record, the Mediterranean songs.

I take the most famous songs of the countries overlooking the Mediterranean and make it a “Albanian” version. I present it in these days to the marta, the archaeological museum of taranto, also to make promotion to Puglia”. How did you experience this bad period marked by covid?

They infected each other, mother, daughter and an acquired cousin, something dramatic. Albano carrisi con romina power e loredana lecciso: è (already)… triangle! As a luminary friend of medicine told me, vaccines will save humanity, even from cancer”.

When they call the bano and romina power, we’ll be two when they call the bano, I’ll go. But it’s all with the question mark, it depends on that fetish covid. “On June 6th there will be the opening of the judo World Championships in budapest.

Otherwise, I will be the same, as an artist, but I will not sing”. Albano carrisi in quarantena a cellino: “I wake up early, I am with loredana lecciso and our children…” – exclusiveShe never hid her estimate for vladimir putin, which is now in the storm for the navalny case. “When one enters the internal affairs of another people, one must go with the feet of lead.

With all respect for navalny, we do not know this character as he was born, who he really is. I think the real dictatorships are other, like the military one in Burma”. He went down to the square in Napoli, next to the mayors, to protest against the lowlands destined to the south from the recovery fund.

I don’t belong to any party, I’m a free man. This is not acceptable, there are so many facilities for the north, few for the south. Possible that here to the south trains go at the same speed as I took to go to Milan in 1961?

«I read in an article the things that he sang in his pieces a few years ago. Words I don’t even want to repeat, and they’ve been baffling me. Then, for love, it will be changed, he had a child… it pleased me that at Sanremo he sang happiness with Franciscan michielin.

I don’t understand why she was so sad while she was singing, I’d like her to explain it.” Albano carrisi e romina power, the couple lunch… accomplice the daughter romina jr – exclusiveShe suffers from acute sanremite. “As a boy, if he has any idea what the cougar could be in those years, we will be the medicine to cure boredom and sadness.

And when I saw Domenic Modugno win the festival with in blue painted blue, in 1958, I swore: “One day I will go too””. “I had made a proposal to amadeus, I wanted to participate with a song. But I would like to return next year, I already have a ready piece.

Of this sanamo I did not love the length, end at 2 and a half at night is inhuman. In Russian, I was offered a film about my life, but by scaramanzia, I refused. Thanks to God they have not fallen in the traps of today, drugs, alcohol”.

Albano carrisi: “I’d never romina power!” – exclusiveAnd then? I built a third cellar, I want to get to 5 million bottles produced a year. The first winery I built it in 1973, the second in 2002, the third one I will inaugurate on the day of my birthday”.

“I would like to read “Today the covid died all over the world”. A nice gift was also the meeting with andrea bocelli, last week: we were riding together, at his house in Tuscany, and I had not gone horseback for 30 years». “The most beautiful gift would be that romina and loredana would join, talk, find a way to get along.

One thing goes to say, Loredana arrived long after she had already gone, she has no fault, she did not tear me to anyone. Romina had chosen a new life path, she had gone to live in the United States. I’m not a man who’s down, and I’ve felt like I need a life and a family.

I would like that to romina and loredana, two intelligent women, lived in harmony with each other, in the last years that I remain”.