Alena Seredova pregnant: “I, Alessandro Nasi, and our first baby coming… I tell you everything”

Alena Seredova, pregnant and radiant, more than ever (remember when it was so? – YESTERDAY AND TODAY), and it starts the countdown for the birth of his first child. The term of the pregnancy, that is spending in quarantine in his home in Turin with the children (which she had with Gigi Buffon) and with the companion Alessandro Nasi, is on the calendar, June 2). “When in the evening I see and feel the calcetti in the belly,” he says, “it warms the heart. I forget everything” | INTERVIEW

Alena Seredova pregnant: Louis Thomas and David Lee are already party to the little sister incoming

“THE REACTION OF MY CHILDREN” – The model and showgirl of Czech origin is confessed in a long interview to 7, the magazine of Corriere della sera. A 42-year-old is facing her third pregnancy: “Before I make up my mind, I felt the need to find balances that were lost. I would have liked to have another child, before being sure that we are all calm”. Louis Thomas and David Lee were 10 and 12 years old, “you can’t wait for the reactions from adults”, she says. “In the beginning they felt the need to be reassured that nothing will change. I believe imagined that the mother was less and I, while having the ability to delegate, there are a lot. I cook, I take them to school, accompany music and football. Even if, in football, thankfully, loves to accompany Alexander”.

Alena Seredova: “I, the betrayal of Gigi, Ilaria D’amico… I tell You everything” –

“I don’T LIKE THE EXTENDED ” FAMILY” – AND not to talk of the extended family do not see it in the picture, all together, with the ex-husband Gigi Buffon and Ilaria D’amico. “It will be because they are old fashioned or because my are together for half a century, ( … ), I prefer the idea of two families serene in which the kids are all right by both parties. Are not for Christmas with new companions, the ex and the sons of all: I don’t feel healthy and I think that confuses the children.”

Alena Seredova and Gigi Buffon back together again… but only for the good of the children –

THE NAME IS TOP SECRET – With great sincerity and irony, Alena responds on social to all the questions of followers about her pregnancy does not come to the house, but “absolutely” attracted. Go be proud of your side A or B? “In this period of the C side”. “The breast has increased more than two sizes.” My diet? “I eat everything I find. I love pizza and carbonara”. Sleep naked or in pajamas? “Delaying the response to a period more sexy”. A single application is not responding: the name of the little remains that are still top secret.

Ilaria D’amico e Gigi Buffon, the day the extended family… with snouts, long