Alessandro Preziosi has a new girlfriend… and also a new bacon!

Alessandro Preziosi is back in love. As shown in the image exclusive of Today. Only that his new girlfriend, has also already found a flaw…

Alessandro Preziosi in tears at the funeral of the father: to give him comfort, there is (still) Vittoria Puccini

WELL MORE OF A FRIEND… – Warning, warning to the groupies of Alessandro Preziosi. After months of single life, it seems that the beautiful neapolitan actor is again in love with cotto. The lucky is a beautiful blonde girl that is Precious, he attended for some time. If a story is important it is still early to say, but just take a look at these images, taken in the restaurant of piazza Navona, where the two have often, to understand that between Alexander and his new friend, there is harmony. Him at the end of lunch, puts his hand on my shoulder, she jokes toccandogli the belly as if to say “have you eaten, huh?”, him laughing it feels the love handles. You would with a friend? No, in fact.

When Alessandro Preziosi loved the young Greta Carandini

HOW MANY LOVES! – After the long relationship with Vittoria Puccini with whom she had a daughter Elena, and the end of the story with Greta Carandini, 16 years younger than him, in the spring of last year, the actor – father of Andrea Eduardo – she had had a flirt caprese with Bianca Brandolini D’adda, the former Lapo Elkann. Then, nothing of the public, until the appearance of this mysterious blonde. Precious, who is touring Italy with the show Toto beyond the mask, the next season will return to tv on Channel 5 next to Claudia Pandolfi with the fiction Disappeared, where you will be a skillful detective from the past full of shadows. For the moment, however, his life glow with the sun, the love, and… some carbonara too.

Alessandro Preziosi seduces all under the shower…