Alessia Marcuzzi has ditched the husband, Paolo Calabresi Marconi: the last kiss and then goodbye… – SUPERGOSSIP

Alessia Marcuzzi has not resisted even this time: after only six years of marriage, the showgirl put on the door with her husband Paolo calabresi Marconi. And now, at 48 years of age, Alessia is ready to seek a new love…

Alessia Marcuzzi and marriage in London with Paolo Calabresi Marconi

A bolt from the blue – the news of The separation between Alessia Marcuzzi and Paolo Calabresi Marconi arrives (almost) like a lightning from a clear sky. No clue, no suspect. Indeed, the two were the most convinced advocates of their family allargatissima. Especially Alessia Marcuzzi, who loves (and children), he has already had several.

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LOVES FAST – Already, because Alessia Marcuzzi confirmation in this way to be a love that burns quickly to passion. So it happened with Simone Inzaghi, at the time footballer and now coach of Lazio: by him she had a son, Thomas in 2001 and then… the separation. Then Alessia seemed to have found true love in Francesco Facchinetti, which has had My daughter in 2011: but then, even with the son of Robi is finished everything rolls… Now it’s the turn of Paolo Calabresi Marconi. Guilt, they say, to living too close…

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The REASON for THE FAREWELL – In fact, the proverbial well-informed, in particular, Dagospia, they say that Alessia Marcuzzi has decided to give the well-served to Paolo Calabresi Marconi after the long and stringentissima forced cohabitation due to quarantine coronavirus. They say that she is definitely allergic to always stay in the usual place, always with the usual man, especially if it is for more days: Alessia is a free spirit, who wants her independence, her freedom, her space. So say friends of the couple. And the two months abundant of forced cohabitation have blasted the pair. More: they say that the explosion took place 20 days ago, but the husband and the wife have even had to wait until the end of the lock-down to break up: that suffering! Waiting, maybe, time soothe the pain of his wounds. And can cicatrizzarle… Always that Alessia Marcuzzi want to, of course.

Alessia Marcuzzi had seduced Paolo Calabresi Marconi, with its curves scream