Alessia marcuzzi: “I’m anguished” – exclusive

Alessia marcuzzi:

Our weekly has unmasked a scam attempt on behalf of the showgirl. “And I also receive death threats,” she says in her own newsstandalessia marcuzzi entrusts to the weekly today in newsstand all its concern. Because today he found out that on the web there are those who are dealing with her.

“But do you think if this character even gave dangerous advice to some fans in my name, or if he had made appointments to someone somewhere with harassment intentions? I have a thousand thoughts in mind and are only ugly”. The cover of today in newsstand click the image to enlarge italessia marcuzzi, paolo calabresi marconi.

And their acrobatics of love – exclusive“They are victims of threats of MORTE” – today alessia marcuzzi reveals that she has had other problems online: “I’ve been victims of death threats for years, but I’ve never decided to talk about it by emphasizing it, as others have done. Are constantly making complaints to the Postal Police.” Alessia marcuzzi and paolo calabresi marconi, a love all uphill – exclusiveThe whole interview and the background of the story are on today in newsstandToday ©Reserved PRODUCTION