Alessia Marcuzzi recapture the husband, Paolo Calabresi Marconi acrobatics of love…

Alessia Marcuzzi e Paolo Calabresi Marconi will leave the crisis behind, and leave the great… with the acrobatics of love. In the exclusive photos of the weekly Today, she is as beautiful as a goddess to him… a little weighed down. And there is a third small inconvenience: the poodle Brownie | |

Alessia Marcuzzi, topless and side B (47 years old) is to scream: so messed up fans…

SHE IS RECKLESS – The quarantine is to the shoulders. And Alessia and Paul seem to have found the enamel of a time. The tune’s emotional and affective, that has always accompanied him in these years their path of torque is more alive than ever. As these photos, taken in San Felice Circeo, demonstrate in an unequivocal way. The two have rented a villa overlooking the rocks and shown an attitude of “marinara” very uneven: she is fearless, and not afraid
neither the waves nor the stones; he is more laid. To join them in the spirit, and divided them physically, we thought Brownie, the poodle caramel color glid the
last October, casa Marcuzzi.

Alessia Marcuzzi e Paolo Calabresi Marconi together again… with the musi very long! – READ | |

THEIR LOVE HAS ENDURED – The lockdown has destabilized the relationships more solid. Shook established links and put to the test love for granted. Useless to deny it. Also between Alessia and Paolo, the effects of this surreal reality they are perhaps made to feel. But their love is mature and aware has resisted. Not overwhelmed by worries and easy proclamations of freedom and autonomy. Alessia and Paul have endured with the tenacity of those who understood that the construction of a love “is not an altar of sand on the seashore”, as sung by Ivano Fossati. Their is, indeed, a love that is strong as the stones and the rocks of the Circeo that form the backdrop to these photos.

Alessia Marcuzzi, the sea of Ponza is for women only! –

WITH MY ARE A FAMILY – Ale and Paul have chosen themselves and the boundless love that binds them to My (daughter of Alessia and Francesco Facchinetti, ed.). The small is for Paul a port of an emotional and, for her, he is a sure point of reference. Alessia, Paul and Mia have a family. Who founded the roots and pillars on a sense of a complex and indecipherable that it’s called “love”. The most mysterious and simple feelings. Reached Today, Marcuzzi, not uttering a word about his private life. And makes us to understand that in this moment all his energies are concentrated on his professional activities.

Alessia Marcuzzi, but what has changed over the years!

Alberto Dandolo