Alex goude suffers “a deluge of emmerdes”: guest of Pierre-Jean’s clandestine dinners chalençon? He explains

Alex goude suffers

With his hidden camera report, M6 has shown that clandestine dinners were held in the capital, starting with the Vivi Palace, owned by the collector and TV star Pierre-Jean chalençon. The latter maintains that it is false despite the broadcast of encrypted menus made by Leroy christophe and images showing several people attrated. Pictures of personalities posing with the collector also refont surface, including an alex goude object.

But it’s going a little bit fast. Attacked on social networks for his supposed participation in an underground dinner at Pierre-Jean chalençon in April 2021 because of a photo of him alongside three other men, the host alex goude reacted on twitter. This time has been several weeks ago, at the time out of containment!

What we see when we look at the picture,” he first clarified. Then the latter adds: “Since we live in a crazy world where we come out of old pictures, I am obliged to justify myself. A meal at 5 (!)

At Pierre-Jean, come. It was legal, private and pro at the same time and has nothing to do with the controversy of the day.” Most of them take off their messages after talking to me and understand their mistake.