Alexandra (Koh-Lanta) : Its a nice tattoo in tribute to his career

All the adventurers who participated in the say : Koh-Lanta is an experience out of the ordinary. The issuance of TF1 allows to surpass themselves physically and morally. This is also a great human adventure, because, often, candidates are friends and stay in touch once filming ended. Last season, it was in particular the case of the winning Naoil Tita with Inès Loucif. This experience, so they have in the skin, sometimes literally.

On Monday, June 29, Alexandra the last edition went to her tattoo artist to have a souvenir of his time in Koh-Lanta. And she was not slow to reveal the outcome to his fans on Instagram. In the photo, she unveiled her work of body, put on one of his forearms, which represents a totem of Koh-Lanta, and the letters “K”, “L”. The prof’ of fitness who wishes to retrain in the police has also registered the number “31” for remembering the number of days that she remained in the competition, Fiji. Remember that she had gone to the finals and that it had therefore participated in the orienteering in the face of Moussa, Claude, Naoil and Inès. Unfortunately, she has been the victim of a large voltage drop and, therefore, has been eliminated from the office, because she had to see a doctor. A frustration for this great competitor. In spite of everything, it only keeps the good memories of this adventure, the proof is with his tattoo.

Alexandra is not the only adventurer to have a tattoo in connection with the program. Sara, that viewers were able to see in Koh-Lanta 2012 and 2020, was an imposing tattoo. She desired to get a tattoo the year “2020” as well as a face ethnic reminiscent of some of the totems of the program.

Frederick, winner of Koh-Lanta Cambodia, has opted for a work body in tribute to his victory : a compass for orienteering, accompanied by the famous dagger that allowed him to qualify for the final round of the posts. Pascal Salviani of Koh-Lanta 2016 had also opted for a large compass, in which is recorded an inscription in thai. Sebastian Koh-Lanta Fiji has desired to do honour to his adventure in tattooing the name of the issue at large, on the left forearm.