Alexandra Rosenfeld : Nice photo of Jim and Ava, the “wonders” of Hugo Clément

The sisters ‘ accomplices. Saturday, July 25 2020, Alexandra Rosenfeld is blowing a wind of sweetness on Instagram, started by the trade winds caused by the new photo of his daughters, Jim and Ava that she has just published. Fans of the beauty queen have been able to discover this shot of the two sisters, playing together in the living room.

As usual, Alexandra Rosenfeld took care to hide the face of her daughters before posting this photo. Hidden or not, Hugo Clément is still so gaga for his tots. “Respectively the 8th and 9th wonders of the world. In all objectivity,” joke the journalist engaged in comments.

As a reminder, Ava (10 years old next month) is the result of a previous union, with the rugby player Sergio Parisse. In a relationship with Hugo Clément for over two years, Alexandra Rosenfeld gave birth to their daughter, Jim the 3 last January.

During a meeting with Alexandra Rosenfeld, she agreed to tell us more about his encounter with Hugo Clement, from behind the scenes of the show Fort Boyard (France) in which they participated, with Artus, Cartman, Ariane Brodier et Valérie Damidot, who played the entremetteuses. “It happened like this… love at first sight. Love at first sight with the help of Valérie Damidot ! In the team, it was the only one I didn’t know. She told me, ‘You will see, it is super-nice’. Okay, and then finally, I found it more than nice”, said she.

Even if it evokes today a lightning strike, Alexandra Rosenfeld had a little wait for his loved one before you begin. “I told him that it was great, I had a friend in England that I saw almost never. And it was because he ended a relationship that went a bit wrong. Everything was simple with him, so I told myself that I would really like to keep him as a friend (…) It lasted a few months, we were just friends. I wanted to be sure that it was good”, she tenderly entrusted to the podcast Bliss, who speaks of pregnancy and labor so released.