Alexia mori, an operation after her birth: “why not to enjoy it!”

Alexia mori, an operation after her birth:

The family grows for alexia mori! Very soon, she will be at the head of a tribe of three children. Three years after the arrival of praise and two years after that of margot, she is a little boy that she is waiting for this time with her fellow Stephane.

Happy to be pregnant, the pretty blonde almost daily shares the evolution of her stomach become very impressive. A body that it accepts easily but which does not quite suit it either. Via his story instagram Monday, April 5, 2021, alexia mori explained to consider using an operation on the detour of a subject on aesthetic surgery.

“I have absolutely nothing against aesthetic surgery, on the contrary, if it can reduce the complex of some, I am for. But what shocks me is those who abuse it and I say that their children will never look like them,” she said first. For recall, alexia mori succumbed to the call of the bistouri in 2012 after its participation in secret story 7. the ex of vincent queijo had offered a new chest and even decided at the time to mediatize his intervention through the blogger jeremstar.

It’s mainly for a report to an explanatory purpose, be it constructive. Many girls don’t know what the operation is and don’t dare to find out,” alexia mori defended himself.