Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse : rare photo of the couple on vacation

Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse have chosen to spend their summer vacations with friends and their companions are not anything like we saw on Instagram.

It is not the lovers who have revealed this information, but just one of their friends who is none other than Jean-Paul Rouve. The comedian reveals for the past few days on the famous social network of the photos from their stay in the Luberon. Friday 31 July 2020, he posed with the famous couple. Therefore, we can see that the small group is installed in a house with a pool and garden, XXL and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Alice Taglioni and her lover Laurent Delahousse pose in shorts and a T-shirt and laugh in the face of the goal. A photo accomplice very rare for parents of Swann (born February 2016) and a small boy with Alice Taglioni gave birth last winter. The beautiful blonde is also the mother of Charlie (11 years old), born of his romance with Jocelyn Quivrin, who died in November 2009 in a road accident. For his part, Laurent Delahousse is also the dad of two girls born in 2005 and 2008 and whose mother is in Florence Kieffer, sister of Tina Kieffer.

This merry band is spending her vacation with another personality that is far from unknown : the writer David Foenkinos (Delicacy, Charlotte, Two Sisters). In 2014, her novel, The Memories had been adapted for the cinema by Jean-Paul Rouve, who had directed the film. “Having had the prix Renaudot does not prevent to have a taste of shit in terms of jersey,” wrote Jean-Paul Rouve in the caption of a photo featuring the writer.

Clotaire, the son that the actor has had with the author Bénédicte Martin, is also on vacation with them. May be the children of Alice Taglioni and Laurent Delahousse are also present. In mid-July, it is Benoît Magimel, who was in this house with Jean-Paul Rouve.