Alix (Marseille) attacked in Spain : the version of the police is overwhelming

Alix will long be remembered for his vacation in Marbella, Spain. At the beginning of the month of August, as she came out of the nightclub, the candidate of reality tv and her friend, Samy, have violently been attacked by the local police, under the goals of several of the witnesses present that night. Shocked, she released the physical aftermath of their altercation, the next day on its systems, after having spent the night in police custody. “The police I choked her looking at me in the eyes, with his knee on my chest. I could not breathe. I would have been able to stay there, it could be very very serious,” she said.

According to her friend Hilona (10 couples perfect), who was able to get new details on the case in the wake of this, “Samy was just coming to ask for police help because the bouncer of the box in which they were was violently pushed down the stairs for no reason. (…) The cops have decided to take the defense of the vigil, and they have started to push Samy”. It was then that Alix began to film the scene. Result, she was in turn taken to task by the police. “She had bruises everywhere. In addition to that, they left the handcuffs on for nearly six hours in police custody. They were going the hip.” Decided not to stay there, Alix and Samy have immediately wanted to bring the case before the court, but there again, they would have faced a wall.

She was threatening to destroy us

Our colleagues from TVMag have conducted their little investigation and have been able to contact the police of Marbella, which has communicated to them the details of the minutes. And their version is far from consistent with the pretty brown view in Marseille. According to the authorities, Samy “wandering in the premises of the box without a protective mask while disturbing and pushing the other customers”. “He was aggressive with them and with the security personnel when the request has been made to comply with the rules of prevention health in the face of the Covid-19.

The police was called to intervene to try to “control the people”. Alix would then become matted in “insulting, kicking and clawing” of the agents. The spirits have not calmed down when he comes to take the two friends to the police station. “Alix Demoisneaux has continued to have an aggressive stance, kicking at the doors of the vehicle, shouting and threatening the officers by saying that she was very well known in France, she was working in television, she had two million followers on the social networks, and that it would ‘destroy us’,” says the minutes, which concludes by saying that police officers are “intervened to help deal with the two individuals and to avoid the disturbance of public order“. Alix has not yet reacted to the counter-attack.