Alizée (Beijing Express) enclosure : it reveals a miscarriage

Alizée and Maxim, participants in the program Beijing Express in 2018 and 2020, have announced a great new a few days ago. They are going to become parents for the first time. Quizzed by his followers on Instagram, the pretty young woman has made a painful revelation.

Wednesday 13 may 2020, the pretty brunette has lent itself to the play of questions/answers on Instagram. When someone asked her how she had announced her pregnancy to her husband, Maxime, Alizée responded : “On the morning of 14 February, I’ve woke up with the pregnancy test in hand.” Then, she added : “This pregnancy has a quite particular flavour, having had a miscarriage prior to this one, the announcement was made with a lot of backtracking.” This is not the first time that the candidate of Peking Express is pregnant.

Alizée was then given the news of his health, has revealed how she lived her pregnancy and has also explained why Maxime and she had long been absent from the social networks : “My first quarter was difficult, I remained bedridden for two months, I think I have had every symptom possible, and then with Max, we had the need to log out and it did a world of good !” For the moment, the couple may wish to keep for him the sex of the baby, but he will tell soon. In any case, they did know that they had no preference, the essential thing being that their child is in good health.

It is Sunday, may 10, 2020 on Instagram that the couple announced the pregnancy of Alizée. In the caption of a photograph of her first ultrasound, she wrote : “The most beautiful secret that is kept for four months. No words can express the happiness that the life offers to us. This year promises to be full of changes.” The future dad had, meanwhile, shared a video where we could hear the heart of her baby.