Alizée (Beijing Express) : Her husband Maxime violently insulted, she reframes

The beginning of the week has not started in the best way for Alizée and Maxime. The two candidates are emblematic of Beijing Express have seen their serenity somewhat marred by an influencer responding on behalf of Lorenzi Dos Santos. The latter, known for sharing his travels to the four corners of the world on Instagram and his look is atypical, he who has the face completely covered with tattoos, has decided to take the young man with the curly hair, and more particularly to his way of living, after having seen his multiple posts, where there are luxury cars.

“Every time people ask me : why do you do not the Beijing Express ? I just came across the account of a guy who apparently has done. You see his Insta, is that publications in Neuilly-sur-Seine and luxury cars. In short, Instagram bling-bling ridiculous par excellence…“, a-t-considered before tackling with virulence and, more generally, the personalities of reality tv. “You’re here to follow all of these son of a p**e reality tv… These people, they clap for you ! They make you believe that you are a part of their lives, but in their eyes, you’re just French means through which they can live their life as a millionaire. Have a Lamborghini, live in Dubai, have watches I don’t know how ?! The reality, that’s not it.”

It was not necessary any more to Alizée, the wife of Maxim, goes to the niche to defend it. “The traveller, but it is so narrow-minded. Judge a person through simple photos Instagram … It saddens me. ‘Neuilly-sur-Seine luxury cars and bling-bling’. Ok, you do we know absolutely not. (…) No, this is not the reality, this is absolutely not what we share. You’re mistaken, completely of target. We don’t live in Dubai, we moved to Britain. We know where we come from, our values are not those that you describe. Once again, you judge without knowing and it is very sad”, is justified with annoyance the one who is expecting her first child.

Where you allow yourself to insult him ?

The story could have stopped there, but the famous Lorenzi was determined to tarnish the image of Maxime Langlais. Problem is, it is insulting violently that he continued to share his point of view outright. “Son of a p**e who has lambo, what the French have Lamborghini ? France is mobilized for months because the people still struggling and you are talking about the Lamborghini… At which time you will stop to follow those people ? To buy the products they promotionnent ? And to enhance it at this point ? Keep your sub !!!” The message of too much for Alizée, which was seriously reined in in retracing the route deserving of her husband in the passage. “Here, however, I laugh a little less. Where you allow yourself to insult him ? Maxime has been working since he was 18 years old, he was not born with a silver spoon in the mouth. He wakes every day at work to realize their dreams. The car is part of it, he is passionate about since childhood. PS : We do not live by the promotion on Instagram.”

For his part, the former adventurer of the M6 a little bobo has also responded to these unprovoked attacks, giving a bit of information about his past, well away from the rhinestones and sequins. “Ten years ago, I was on a motorbike and I was delivering burgers. Because you think I have not struggled to make me round ? Everyone thought that I was shooting cocaine, so I sent ! I know where I come from and that is why I am so happy and I appreciate every little thing that gives me life, because I know what it is to be, Johnny !” There is no doubt that this development will have in any case strengthened the admiration that her fans !