Amazing Talent : a New injury, the duels of the final revealed

Last straight line for the jury of Incredible Talent, the battle of the jury. Hélène Ségara, Sugar Sammy, Eric Antoine and Marianne James have opposed their latest talents in the issuance of the July 7, 2020, before the grand final aired on 14 July. The pressure was at its peak.

RB Dance Company against Katya and Nikita

Sugar Sammy has made a call to the dance group reached the final of season 13, 2018. RB Dance Company offers numbers of innovative and well-built. This company is still run by the authoritarian Roman. It had nothing to pass up for this new challenge, but he has had a bad surprise during rehearsals. One of the dancers was injured in a fall, requiring the arrival of the fire department. The leader has therefore had to make adjustments to the choreography to make it more suitable. In spite of all, their delivery was impressive. RB Dance Company has proposed a number of tap, modern on the tube Smooth Criminal of Michael Jackson. The public had the right smoke and flames on the plateau, which has brought more to the show. “What precision. What I like about you is that each time, it is excellent. There was the emotion, the acrobatics, the choreography,” said Sugar Sammy. “It is difficult not to recognize your talent. You have a great artistic personality,” said Hélène Ségara. Confidences which have certainly reassured Roman after last-minute changes that he had to make.

It is a “choice of heart” what did Helene Segara choosing, also, the candidates of season 13. Children of 8 and 11 years of age were eliminated in the semi-final, they hoped to go to the end this time. They have once again shown that they had a perfect command of their art This is the song Spirit of Beyoncé that the duo has chosen to present his aerial act. Katya and Nikita have carried out several figures bluffantes in the air. Their complicity was visible, enough to melt all the world on the plateau. “We want to devour you so you are cute. You have a technical level, extraordinary,” said their coach. “This number air brings so much lightness, joy and hope for the future. Thank you, it was wonderful,” said Marianne James.

Place to votes : Marianne James has voted for RB Dance Company, Eric Anthony for RB Dance Company and the public to Katya and Nikita. The dance troupe is pursuing the adventure. Hélène Ségara has struggled to hide his grief, all the more that the little girl was in tears. The singer, therefore, has a hug to its protected to try to comfort them.

Farès against the French Twins

It was a “coup de coeur” for Sugar Sammy in season 13 (2018). Farès, the rapper that puts messages in singing, therefore, has made his return to the Battle of the jury. Tonight, he wanted to unveil his universe just by betting not only on hip-hop. The young man of 17 years began with the rap, the opportunity to hear his impressive flow. And during the chorus, this is tone Gni that he has sung. He even dared to vibes, a good surprise for the people present on the plateau. “You have changed. You’re a songwriter. You’re a rapper. There, you sang , there was another dimension. It’s still you, but you’re going to look for a large public. I really loved it,” said his coach at the end of his performance. “You make me feel amazed. (…) I found a complete artist. It feels like you’ve grown inside. I took a walk…”, said Eric Anthony.

Marianne James has trusted the French Twins (season 11, 2016), illusionists digital who today are living out of their passion. They have prepared a number unheard of for this show between humour and magic. It is with the help of a screen that they have made the show. Éric Antoine had to choose one of the objects present on the screen so that then, the brothers do appear in real life. To be a success. After that Sugar Sammy was randomly selected from the movie 101 Dalmatians, one of the twins suddenly appeared with a costume of dalmatians. Then came on the board several dogs of this breed. Finally, Hélène Ségara had chosen, at random, always, a card on which appeared to be Sulking. And shortly after, it is no longer one of the brothers who was in the costume of the dog, but really the comedian. “As usual, you did it not me disappointed. Technology, it pleases me, besides,” said Hélène Ségara. “I saw a package of your numbers, we’ve known for a long time, and there, frankly, this is your best phone number. It is clever in the writing, your reveal in the end is a gem. This is brilliant,” quipped Eric Antoine.

Place to votes : Marianne James uses his Vox Populi, only the vote of the public account, therefore. The public has voted for The French Twins.

A candidate for mystery against Remi Martin

“For my candidate mystery, I took the thing at the foot of the letter. I have taken a mysterious man. It was a hit in America’s Got Talent. You don’t know where it’s going, you don’t know when it starts and you don’t know where it ends,” said Eric Antoine in the magneto that was released before the delivery. Once back on the plateau, the jury and the public have discovered that the man in question was called Slap in the Face. The candidate in the eyes darkened by the eyeliner and the pencil has made its entry with the mouth taped. After playing puppets with two kitchen gloves, the comedian pretended to dance with a woman. “I didn’t understand. I was not talked to,” said Sugar Sammy. Marianne James, on the other hand, was seduced and found it amazing. Just as Hélène Ségara : “A number like yours, it’s good for you. You don mouftez not. We have been blown away.” His coach was proud to have presented, because he found the show fantastic.

In 2018, Rémi Martin had arrived in the finals thanks to his number impressive with his chinese pole. This is, once again, a number of poetic that the young man presented. But, then, that his former benefits were dynamic, he wanted to slow his movements, which made the task even more difficult. On an air of opera, he has evolved on his mat, surrounded by helium balloons that he used sometimes in his number. The only strength of his arm, he found the head down and pretended to fall, catching up to the last second. A figure that has caused cries of panic in the public. His performance earned him a standing-ovation. Marianne James was very proud of her foal. “What a beautiful number, what a beautiful setting in scene. What a great idea,” said Eric Anthony. Hélène Ségara has been found to be more poetic than ever, and Sugar Sammy has been appeased.

Place to vote : unanimously, this is Rémi Martin, who is qualified for the final.

Jessie and Vivien against a candidate mystery

Hélène Ségara has focused on the couple is a finalist of Incredible Talent 2016 Jessie and Vivien. She is a dancer and makes tricking, association of martial arts and acrobatics. The mixture of the two genres gives an incredible result. The lovebirds, who met when they were working on the musical Robin des Bois, told of a breakup. After you have set before, with the simple aid of their bodies, the quarrels, the young man went to the end of the service, thus marking the separation. “This is very strong in you, it is the sobriety. I like it a lot. With simple gestures, a lot of sobriety and humility, can be an intense emotion,” said Hélène Ségara. “It is really well told,” said Eric Anthony. Sugar Sammy was surprised, but Marianne James has held that the abandonment and the suffering were not enough highlighted.

Mariane James has appeal to a group of dancers from South Africa. They are doing the pantsula, “a dance almost social and political”. Their name ? The Red Devils. Very quickly, they set the mood on the set. Program : contortion, acrobatic figures, not similar to tap dance and also, a lot of humor. “I love your humor, I love the energy you bring here. The choreography and the variety inside of your number… That’s the kind of numbers that we need on this show,” said Sugar Sammy. “You see here I was completely surprised and I was delighted. I found that the service was joyful and a very high level,” said Eric Anthony.

Place in the votes : Sugar Sammy has voted for the Red Devils, Eric Antoine has voted for Jessie and Vivien, the public has voted for the Red Devils. These are so finalists.

Duels of the final

Now that the 12 finalists have been identified, a random draw was held to decide the next few duels.

The Berywam will face Thomas Boissy (two members of the team of Eric Anthony).
Dakota and Nadia (team Sugar Sammy) will face Novel and Cécile (team Éric Antoine)
The French Twins take on The Red Devils (two members of the team of Marianne James)
Rémi Martin (team Marianne James) will face RB Dance Company (team Sugar Sammy)
Jean-Baptiste Guegan (team Éric Antoine) will face Kenny Thomas team (Hélène Ségara)
Duo Now team (Hélène Ségara) will face Ben Blaque (team Sugar Sammy)