Amy schumer cash on her sex life since birth: “my vulve is an immondice”

Amy schumer cash on her sex life since birth:

Since she became a mom, amy schumer has seen several changes. Always as honest (and funny) about her personal life and the state of her vagina, the American humorist has entrusted herself to her mother’s life within the podcast comedy gold minds of kevin hart. She begins by explaining how the birth of her son gene david (2 years in May) has affected her sexual life and that of her husband chris fischer.

And every time we say, it’s too great, we should do it more often.” And then we don’t make love for another seven to ten days,” she blabbed, while telling an awkward adnecdote. The frequency of his sexual intercourse is not the only thing that has changed since his marriage and the birth of the small gene.

Amy schumer also gave himself to the worrying state of his vagina. Yes, I would say that the greatest change in my life is to say that my vulva is an immondice,” she admits on the tone of humour in front of a decent kevin hart. In his passage in the podcast, Amy schumer explains that he didn’t have the opportunity to go out to party and give her husband a romantic exit, chris fischer.

Missed opportunities to stimulate their sexual life. We could believe that amy schumer and her husband chris fischer are tired of their tiring life of young parents. On social networks, the 39-year-old actress continues to share her experience, this journey of the fighter she leads to give life again with the help of in vitro fertilization.