Anais and Manon (Secret Story) : Affected by tragedy, they break the silence

Thursday 25 June 2020, was undoubtedly “the worst day of [the] life” of Anaïs and Manon Quadratus, the binoculars revealed in Secret Story 10 in 2016. On Instagram, the two young women had launched an appeal for witnesses in relation to a road accident near Marseille. While they had not given more details, today, Monday, June 29, 2020, they perform open heart to their followers.

Always in the story on Instagram, the twins took the floor. Very emotional, Anaïs and Manon gave a new grim. “It’s mom that has been affected, has launched Anaïs. She had a serious car accident.” And further : “It is a car accident that occurred on the highway. The person in question, as you will have understood it, has been a hit-and-run. As you say our world to all five is completely collapsed. It is very very hard, because they need to support us, everyone has his shots soft.”

Fortunately, the mother of Anaïs and Manon is in life… but it is not totally out of business. “His days are not in danger, thanks to God,” says the one who married her lover Benjamin in April 2019. But there are consequences very serious which I prefer not to speak for the moment. We are praying, we keep hoping but it’s still complicated. Procedures will begin. But given that France is a country with a very slow it takes a long time.”

Today, the family is “expected to know” but already knows that the victim will be “a minimum of one and a half months of hospitalization, rehabilitation,…”. Sister, Anaïs and Manon has returned to his job, on their side, the twins take back “small stories”. “Anyway, mom forced. She told us : ‘anyway, I’m here, I’m in the hospital, you’re not going to stop working. That is what you want to do more ?”

A painful ordeal for the Marseilles and their loved ones… But “in his misfortune, mom had the chance,” says Anaïs, aware that the state of his mother could have been much worse.

We wish a good recovery to their mom.