And the 40 years: “love, flirt, my son.”

And the 40 years:

And is told without brakes: from the son had twenty years from the first marriage, to the strike of lightning by train with the Russian plastic surgeon, married after a few months in February 2020, to the career. An interview not to be missed – exclusive photos | videosamanta togni, unleashed marriage (and romantic) with Russian mario: ends up dancing in lace bra! – looksay that 40 are the best age for a woman.

But it is the season of awareness, that of great maturity. Of course, I can say that I feel much happier now that at 20 years, despite having already put the great love of my life into the world: My Edoardo son (born in 2001 from the union with the first husband myrko trappetti, ndr). What does it mean to have a son so young?

The thing I’m proud of is that I’ve been doing my job, the dance, while keeping my son. I used to make the mortal jumps, Rome-Terni, my city, Terni-Rome and I gave up so many works for him. But I lived it as a natural choice, no regret.

And then look, my son saved me.” Samanta togni and that curious triangle dancing with the Stars… – lookWhat do you mean, samanta? «I lived first in the guild and then in the United States, I was 16-17 years old and I studied dance.

I suffered from food problems and the distance from home didn’t help me. From that moment the priorities have changed, I have felt the strong responsibility for a being that was coming to the world and I found the key”. Samanta togni, all about the dancing dancer – lookThe first time, she got married early.

Here, perhaps with the experience that I have now and the age of then, I would think more before marrying. And if I had not met my ex-husband, I probably would not have the joy of my son today». Celebrates 40 and a year of marriage, on February 15, with Russian mario.

I probably had an experience baggage that allowed me to recognize on the fly the companion of life, the “forever” sentimental. Even if at first I looked at him with a certain skepticism. I was a mother with a wonderful son, a job that always aficionated me, I couldn’t complain.

Love put it on stand by. Until I met my husband and realized he was the right person. Marriage was a desire to take responsibility also towards the children: he has 3, I one».

I tell you everything” – exclusiveAnd you don’t want a son of yours? “No, we already have four of them in everything, we are a Chessian family. And could be very risky, considering that many couples at that time have jumped.

Instead, in our case, sharing everything has confirmed that strong emotion, that feeling that took us at the beginning. But I guarantee that it takes courage, at my age, to believe in another possibility”. She had romantic stories from rotocalco, for example with stefano bettarini and the former footballer christian panucci.

What did you learn in love? “From the experiences that did not work I learned not to settle. When a relationship is not going, despite the commitment, you must have the honesty to say enough.

In this connection, I did not miss the courage to break down relations in which I did not reflect anymore”. I owe so much to the dance, in terms of commitment and satisfaction, but then the time comes to say enough. Milly (carlucci, ndr) understood my reasons and made me a warm good luck.

“Being a dancer, I have a relationship with my body always very critical. But with the years that pass a peaceful relationship, I do not have the anxiety of wrinkle. Of course, I’d like to get older in the best possible way and then I’ll have some treatment.

I’m still fighting and I don’t want to think about it, but if I have to do it again, I’d trust my husband blindly. With the common sense that he also guides his surgeon’s work: nothing excessive, only improved interventions”. What’s next for the next 40 years, samanta?

«That my experience of television conduction may be the beginning of a path to be dealt with with with discipline and determination. And that soon we can return to a semblance of normality: to me there is so much missing”. Do you have a motto with which you face life?

The dancers teach you to stay with your head high and your back straight. Always go to the head high and never do anything to be ashamed of.”