Andrea Morricone: “My father spoke to me of her last song in the days before he died,”

Andrea Morricone will conduct the orchestra of the Teatro Carlo Felice , during the inauguration of the new bridge of Genoa, realized by Renzo Piano. At the event he had to attend the master Ennio Morricone, who died last July 6, but now this legacy is passed to his third son, the only one to have followed in the career in the world of music, in an interview to the NINETEENTH Century, speaks of the last work of his father.

The song dedicated to the victims of Genoa

It’s called “Many stones to remember” the poem which can safely be described as a last will and testament music for orchestra, chorus, and white voice, to remember the 43 victims after the fall of the bridge and to the Morandi of Genoa, the 14th of August of two years ago. “I believe my father to have composed this song about three months ago, during the quarantine, around march-April: is very mystical, there is a melody, entrusted to the chorus, which is repeated in a circle, on a background of bows. It has a footprint of composition, classical harmonica” says Andrea Morricone which goes on to tell in detail the song, revealing the secrets of this work, the last written by the great master before his departure:

The main feature of this work is its move from the floor to the fort in a dynamic dimension within the agreements that you propose. Begins with low, a principle very discreet, velvety, soft, which prepares then a large explosion until the end, where my father kept particularly: he wanted to, indeed want, that I put the accent on two and on three, on “the city”, when it enters the chorus, and the song ends.

The legacy of Ennio Morricone

A true legacy, a passing of the torch, what the great artist has done against his son Andrea. Before his death he was hospitalized for several days in the hospital, and in the middle of her lucidity had already given every indication to his son about how he imagined you were to perform this song, as it tells the 43-year-old:

During those days, when it was already in the hospital, and we were all close as possible, but he wanted very much to talk to me about this song, asking me often. We have discussed a lot of the time, the way to lead, is a song that represents the sense for which it was required, indeed, something more. It is beautiful for the simplicity with which is was written, while managing to be deep. It must be executed with acute precision, the orchestra and chorus of the Carlo Felice will take care of in an excellent manner

The music lights up Genoa after the massacre

The power of music and his imaginative capacity, and communication makes every poem full of profound meaning and the bearer of a message. In this circumstance, where life is lost, it should be remembered, but to be celebrated a new one, Ennio Morricone wanted to create atmospheres of sound that gave even more depth and value to that tragic moment two years ago, highlighting the greatness of the rebirth:

Text and music are a perfect fusion, united states, represent a unique strength, the affirmation of the light, these stones call to enlighten Genoa, the new bridge, an architectural work wonderful Renzo Piano. But the track lights above all the heart of those who listen. Has a “color” cloudy, with a final deal in the greater that symbolizes the human tragedy, but also the hope, the beauty, the effort of a community that has worked hard to revive his Bridge