Angela Cavagna is at war with ex-husband: “I Could ruin you, and if you want, go through to the end…”

Angela Cavagna is at war with ex-husband Orlando Miracle. She has retired to the sunshine of Tenerife with the second husband, Paul Suleiman seems not to want to give an inch. As revealed exclusively in the weekly Today

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The COMPLAINT TO THE POLICE – here We go again. Continue the war to blows of the stamps between the Orlando Miracle and the ex-wife Angela Cavagna, the unforgotten sexy nurse Strip the News, retired for a while in Tenerife in the company of a new husband. Powerhouse has picked up a pen and paper and has sued the showgirl for libel. Stating also that “the whole proceeds of the damages will be donated to charity at the same me”. Three sheets have the same Powerhouse he hand-delivered the morning of the 12th of November in the offices of the Police station of Genoa, San Fruttuoso, in the quality of the person offended. And he enclosed a copy of a recent article with the expressions he deemed to be defamatory, a copy of a judgment not to proceed against him and a copy of the payment that he has had to support 250 euro for the offering.

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53 YEARS, BROUGHT TO the GREAT – Right on the meat offering, lingers, Angela Cavagna, 53 years old, brought to the great, this history has filled the pockets. “Monster continues to pull me into the dance to get publicity through me, hoping to be rescued in any tv broadcast. Maybe it’s the Island of the famous, as is rumored for some time and from multiple parties”. On this subject, however, Knock-out, 72-year-old author and television host, is to know that her name circulates among the papabili castaways of the next edition, but precise: “I said, “No thanks”. I would like to swim as a pundit than as a competitor, so I could be on the other side, and I would definitely like a stormy sea. Thanks, I pray, as a pundit I’ll stay”. But back to the food offering. “The fact that I had to pay 250 euros,” continues Perrin, “means that it has been condemned, and was for the offence of harassment. Have been lucky that I have withdrawn the complaint for threats, otherwise, the rovinavo. I have made convincing by her lawyer, who then asked me explicitly, relying on my good heart”.

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“THE TV I will NOT MISS” – Angela Cavagna is it then funny ramblings on his new life and says that the wife of 360 degrees, and stay very well in Tenerife. “Here the sun is always shining, and then not want anything else. I think I was the only one in the world to have left the scene in the right time. There is a time to look and a time to say enough is enough. Now there are people without art or part that you put in shows on tv and they are terrible, because they did not understand when it is time to stop. And yet, I am not to be sneezed at. At my age I can say with honesty that I have never made a sting to appear younger”. Then he is again serious and back on the painful subject of which would not fail to speak about. “It’s him that pulls me always on the ball and I also to hold it against me staying quiet, I’ve got to defend myself. The difference between me and him is that I bring the evidence of what I say. And every time he told the lies I sbugiardato. Want war? I am ready and this time I go to the bottom. If he, after 13 years, still trying to get into the light about me, diffamandomi, I’m not there I’m. Has already been cautioned, so why not his life in peace, instead of sell his soul to appear?”.
Angela said good-bye with a broad smile from the maid, grabbing the hand of her husband Paul: “With him”, he says, “I’m delighted. My past is full of marvelous pages and I have an audience that I still remember with affection, as evidenced by the thousands of admirers that follow my blog. I would not want to return to this subject in a Miracle, but I have to defend my integrity. The rest will say again the judges”.