Anna Tatangelo: “I put it in the game, even if I have to fight so many prejudices”

Anna Tatangelo has become for some Anna Trappangelo, in a play of words that refers to the change in the sound of the singer of Sora. More of that trap in the strict sense, however, let’s talk about what usually is referred to urban, and which, it seems, will mark the near future of an artist who, in years past it was a reference to a certain type of pop. Things go as they should go, and Anna Tatangelo would not change anything of what happened artistically until now, however, the time had come to make a change and be even more fitting to listen to a woman who, despite a career already lengthy, has only 33 years old and a playlist on Spotify full of contemporary music. Of course, for her more than for others the construction of a new credibility, and the killing of the usual prejudices is a deal more complex, but it does not seem that the thing the scares in any way. A year and a half ago, and there was already the cover is made from the Achille Lauro and the Boss Doms of “Girl from the suburbs”, but the attitude of the singer has taken on an even more defined in “Guapo”, the first single that marks this change. A song which sees her collaborate with Geolier, one of the stars of the trap in italy, and probably could not be different beginning, as confirmed by the singer that has reached the phone.

The one with Geolier was a beginning that, according to the numbers, you are giving satisfaction, no?

I’m very happy because for me it is a major change. Have hosted Emanuele (Geolier, ed) in this project makes me happy because, in addition to being a very good boy, I like it a lot as an artist and I have to say he embellished this song was born in a half an hour and that is going well.

How did the idea to change the road, to give you a way accurate to that idea, I guess, with the Achille Lauro?

Came all in a natural way. The collaboration with Lauro was born because this world of rap, trap and urban, especially, has never gone unnoticed, in my playlist of Spotify there is a lot of R&B, and a whole different world from what I’ve done up to today. My transformation has happened in a very natural way, after the last participation in the Festival, I decided to put myself in the studio and go down another road, however, is in my skin, this usually highlights my features.

We can not deny that it is a bit strange, as they have taken the fans?

In a very positive way, I was expecting some criticism, instead of my regulars from when I 15 years have accepted this transformation, I have encouraged him, I see him constantly through social media and what I write and are excited about this change. Also, because when you’re serena, when you enjoy, when you make music, do what you like in a way that makes you feel good, it’s obvious that transpires, that my serenity comes. So when I hear that is an important change, but which are credible because they are more than I, for me, it is a victory, it means that is the right way.

The you said, on the concept of “credibility” we live, and lots of time. This time it is a commitment even more important: Anna of melodic, Anna, who makes the pop classic, you will be confronted with this new construction of credibility…

I think it would be pretty natural thing. It is true that in the collective imagination are always the girl of the suburbs, the girl output to 15 years from the Festival of Sanremo, however, say that in America, for example, this transformation is natural, there have been, from Britney Spears to Cristina Aguilera, and others in their growth path and have dared to, have played with the image, you are put in the game. According to me in the moment when you adapt to want to do a thing is nice to play in the garden, reassuring, while the most difficult thing is to get in the game.

Say that on the day when Taylor Swift comes out with an album in which a change compared to just a year ago…

Look for me is a little more difficult than the other, because each has its own path, however, when in the collective imagination come strongly imprinted in a certain way, change is much more difficult than the work of an artist who has been around a few years.

If I had the chance to work without all this pressure from the very beginning, from when you were a 15-year-old, as soon as would come this change?

No, according to me it is all physiological, I have always done what I felt in that particular moment, from the topics covered in my songs until now. Maybe if I had done this before I would not have been credible, there is today another type of communication media, there are social, fifteen years ago, during my first Festival there were, indeed, the be pretty, compared to today, it was a problem, because you had to be the girl nasty next-door who sang the songs of despair, it was what was trendy at the time. My image, the first, was seen in a certain way, is today a reference point and a force in the homosexual world and in the world of women: the thematic of the woman, among other things, I have always dealt with “Being a woman”, written by Mogol.

For subjects that are increasingly hot and current…

Of course, the current now, but when I brought it to the Festival that song I have to say that some criticism I caught her (laughs, ndr).

How we deal with these guys? I guess you’ve had a bit of contact with them, no?

Look, the only one so young of the disc is the Emmanuel, the rest are my peers, however, the comparison is musically on things like that, because in the end, even if I started very young are still young, and listening to the same music their. Maybe some things are a little more extreme, but the comparison is right, but we relate well because we are the same age.

Among the italians, who are you listening to?

Some that are on the inside of the disk, and then I can appoint if no svelerei the disk.

Feel, makes you laugh, Anna Trappangelo?

A lot, Trappangelo makes me laugh too much, also because Flavio, that is, the Mixer T, who is working on this disk was the computer folder with my tracks designated as Trappangelo.

And instead the world of the urban how are you welcomed?

My greatest satisfaction was at the concert of Laurel, when I sang ‘Girl from the suburbs’: there was a standing ovation. It was nice to hear them singing from these guys that are completely different from my public singing this song. Also because the idea of revisiting the “Girl of the suburbs” was the Achille Lauro.

How were these months of change, and where you’re taking this path?

Look I hope will bring me in the serenity maximum, I hope that this record and these individuals will come to be appreciated as “Guapo”. With regard to these months, aside from the lockdown, the music has been instrumental, is a sort of refuge for me.

The dream of an international collaboration that would?

If you are talking about dream, I say to you Rihanna, so let’s make Anna and Rihanna.