Anouchka Delon mother : baby’s output and nice family photo

February 15, 2020, the life of Anouchka Delon has shifted since she became a mother of a little boy, whom she still hasn’t revealed the name. The mom, 29-year-old and her companion, actor Julien Dereims benefit from of their babies and spend their first summer holidays in three. On July 30, 2020, on his account Instagram, the father, has unveiled a photo of their daily lives.

It is a family portrait that was posted on the young man since one sees there the pretty brunette at his side, their dog (a beautiful corgi) and especially their son, asleep in the stroller. A lange protects it from the sun and curious. The lovers are posing just, both of them in jean shorts and T-shirt. “We are waiting for the bus… #humor #love #familytime #familyportrait #us”, said the proud dad. The couple radiates happiness, and this has not escaped the subscribers of Julien Dereims, which were widely reported in the publication.

Anouchka Delon published very few pictures of her baby, and the includes. It seeks to protect, she comes from a family whose name is well known in the world. The last photo in the date had been published by his companion, him again, and showed the natural in her role as a mother. On the image, it appeared to be sitting in a restaurant, eating with the right hand, holding the baby and giving him the bottle in the left hand. Fond and proud, his companion had described as “Wonder Woman”.