Anti covid vaccines: all side effects, not only astrazeneca.

Anti covid vaccines: all side effects, not only astrazeneca.

The third report of the Aifa takes pictures of the reactions to the four vaccines approved in italy: pfizer-BioNTech, modern, astrazeneca, Johnson&Johnson. Allergic reactions to rare trombosis casescovid vaccines, the Italian Agency of the drug (aifa) has compiled its third report, explaining how many and what are the side effects of the four approved in Italy to combat the coronavirus. Or: biontech, modern, astrazeneca, Johnson&Johnson – photo | videoastrazeneca, the response of the Ema leaves no doubt: “The vaccine is safe, the benefits exceed the risks” – seefrequent reactions – adverse events occur on average in 510 cases every 100 thousand doses.

In particular for pfizer (81,)% which is also the most used, and to follow astrazeneca (17)% and modern (2%). The ratio between the number of reactions and doses administered is 535 events per 100 thousand doses per pfizer, 477 per astrazeneca and 227 per modern. Here’s what doesn’t come back – lookwhat are the reactions – you have to understand what are the adverse events.

The most frequent are: fever, pain in injection, fatigue and chills, muscle and joint pain, headache and paresthesia, nausea and diarrhea, with similar percentages between the three vaccines. The reporting rate is greater than women (645 vs 299 men) and less than those who have passed 60 years. Severe reactions reported for pfizers and modern are high fever, intense headaches, muscle/arthic pains and weakness.

Less frequent, for pfizer, allergic reactions, lymphadenopathy, paresthesia, tachycardia, hypertensive crisis and facial paralysis. As to astrazeneca, there are high fever, tremor, dizziness, syncope, drowsiness, generalized pain. There are currently 102 death reports, 1,1 cases every 100 thousand doses with an average age of 81,4 years.

Brain, intestine, liver, spleen,) associated with low blood platelets.” events occurred in the first 14 days in women under 60 years. “In some cases this condition has caused death.” 222 cases of astrazeneca thrombosis are counted in Europe, in Italy 11, 4 of which are fatal. In Italy, people with allergic risk are vaccinated in the hospital in the presence of an an anestheticist.

Jacomo poretti tells his battle (wine) against the coronavirus – watchthe case johnson & johnson – remains johnson & johnson, approved but still administered. In judgment of the centers for disease control and prevention American side effects would be in linge with the other three, indeed lower.