Ariana Grande in love : kiss from Dalton Gomez for her birthday

Ariana Grande has had 27 years last Friday. The american artist, who is in the sign of cancer, celebrated it with a bunch of friends and family. Her boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, and his close friends had organized a wonderful surprise birthday party on the theme of the movie Midsommar.

Ariana Grande has released several videos of the party on his account Instagram. Flower crowns, pastel, garden, wonderfully decorated, and wild flowers… everything looked absolutely gorgeous. Even her dog Toulouse had the right to a crown of fake pink flowers.

On Instagram, the american artist has published several photos of the event taken by the film. We saw including wearing a huge dress of flowers and a large crown on the head. On one of the pictures showed her husband, Dalton Gomez, him drop a kiss on the cheek.

On the eve of the anniversary surprise, Ariana Grande formalized its relationship with Dalton Gomez. In a series of photos, we saw her pose with this agent-real estate originally from Los Angeles. It would have been in a relationship with him since last January. They have also passed the containment as a whole, in the new mansion of california, the singer.

Last may, Ariana and Dalton made their first appearance together, in the clip of the title Stuck with u, his duet with Justin Bieber. At the time, we do not yet know his identity.