Arisa presents Nuclear energy: “I Want to go back to singing, are willing to give up on something”

It’s called “Nuclear,” the new song of Arisa, who joins forces with the singer-songwriter Manupuma to help mothers and children born during the emergency. The two artists, in fact they wanted to join forces with the Fondazione Francesca Rava N. P. H. Italia Onlus to set up in the Wards of the Maternity Clinic, Mangiagalli hospital Luigi Sacco of Milan, ad hoc paths for mothers with and not from Covid-19, so they can face confinement in total safety for themselves and for their children. The song, which is part of the new project of Manupuma, was born before the pandemic, but when there was need to find a song the two artists have had doubts, as he told Arisa to the

How did the idea to use the “Nuclear” for a campaign on motherhood in these times of pandemic?

This was a particular period in which the difficulties of the people have emerged much more, not the difficulty bloated to where we were before, but the most elementary. Let’s say that in this case the difficulty was to keep in contact with mothers giving birth with a situation of a hospital that is not secure. The Lombardy region has named the hospitals Lot and Mangiagalli as the ones that could deal with the pregnancy in a particular way, offering preferential lanes to the mothers so that their pregnancy could be protected from the dangers of the period so me and Manu, we thought we give this song to the Rava Foundation, who was working to support this thing.

The song where he jumps out?

Manu (Emanuela Boson, in art Manupuma) has finished the disc, was waiting to get out, then there was this emergency and he has sent: “Nuclear”, however, I was very impressed and by dint of talking about it, we said that given that it is a beautiful thing could do something useful. I had spoken with the Foundation and they told me that you were doing this project on motherhood and in some ways saying, “If I were god, I would look in the eyes of a child, the love that is true”, so that we ensure that there is new life from which to learn how to behave. I think that if it were not for the children, we wouldn’t have a basis of comparison with respect to the surprise, ingenuity, they are the ones that bring us to a condition of purity, that every now and then I think we will do well compared to what we are used to grind by adults.

Children that, among other things, they were very impressed in these weeks of isolation, no socialization, social separations, no school, management of the boredom.

My interpretation of the song is that we adults, we affaccendiamo to do the great things while, in reality, the greatest of all, namely God, if you were to look for the love they would seek to be more defenceless and simple that there is, on the child. People do not know that it could be without shoes, then she runs and bustles, but where are you going? We are forgetting all the meaning of life, of existence, because then you realize that happens to a thing and stay in the four walls of your home. At the end you can be a king, a president, the most beautiful woman in the world, but in front of these things that the life puts in place a spirit level and ask whether to run, to forget the values of life is so convenient.

You how you have lived these two months?

The first time I lived them badly, I didn’t know what was happening, I was very worried for my parents who are in the Basilicata region. Then I gradually have seemed to calm her down, because there, the number of cases is minimal, resolved, more or less, this thing I have started to enjoy my space, to write, read and try to understand a little of where I was going, what were the things to arrange. It was an important moment.

And you have found out where you’re going?

Definitely I’m going to the truth, that is, exactly the same as when I started, in 2009. When you’re a child all you say, ‘Walk, walk, walk and then, suddenly, ‘you stand still!’ and lji stops, and when you start doing this job is a bit like this. You say: ‘Good, great, but you should do so…’ or ‘Fantastic but it would be better if…’, then you are lost behind the fact that you do not want to disappoint the expectations of the people who have given you trust and go ahead by taking roads that I have not supported everything. Must be understood, I have always done everything that I wanted, although sometimes I think I was just respectful of my needs. Now, I’m discovering, through the solitude, the people that I like to hear, the ones that I don’t want to hear, the music that I want to listen to, that I write the things that I read, where I want to go and where they really are. Beautiful is this opportunity.

In short, you sought a way out in this impasse…

Look, were the 10 years that I used to treat my house as a hotel, we arrived I placed my suitcase, I took the other and went away, but now I say unto you, that I have a house, I try to live it: check what I have in the scatoli, in closets, in drawers. In these days I’m looking in the closets thing there is to understand what to keep, what to give, the one thing that I code a life.

You are already having a feedback from the “Nuclear”?

Look, the Rava Foundation has donor, then the income of Nuclear power will not be the only source of support. What I’m seeing is that my fan base has felt very encouraged to participate in this thing and I saw from the photographs that they sent me: images of mothers, women with pancioni, small children. It is something that we’re all doing together. Regarding the ratings, are good, even if it is a type of music not really similar to the one that goes, these days, is a song that is profound, for those who want to listen to.

You and Manupuma you know from time to time, right?

Yes, for about ten years now, I have to say that is an extraordinary person who has lived a thousand lives, he studied at the Actors Studio, has made millions of experiences, has been famous all over the world for songs used from Moschino, now wants to start again from here and hope that we succeed, because it is truly extraordinary.

What was, according to you, the role of the artist in these months? What has been of help in these weeks?

According to me a bit’ all we have to do in order to entertain to the best of our fanbase, I have done a little bit of concerts, many direct… I Think that if people had not had the Culture I don’t know what he would have done, I would say that Culture has played a key role. Already some time ago there was talk of giving more space to Italian music on the radio, I found a good thing, because there is a lot of Italian music, not only limited to that of the moment, but there are so many styles and it would be good that you arrive at 80% and we could live well of our work. I do not say to me, but for those who work with the artists and then is not recognized.

As you can see the issue live?

Well, I will tell you that if I can sing the song, even if, on the other hand, I realize that on the stage there are only I, but various things to develop, for the costs and gains. My mother, who is a practical woman, the other day, suggested: ‘Instead of a party, and it’s just a place the sieves in a week, without having to mount and unmount etc., and containing costs. And so, instead of bringing 1000 people together, you are to find a thousand people for a week and have 7 thousand”. This is to say that we must find a point of encounter between the me that I want to sing and you there you have to lose. We must come to terms if you really have the profession and the role we play is important: I am without music I would be nothing, I was weaned, I want to return to doing what I do and I am willing to give up what there is to give up.