Arnaud Ducret : His incredible evening with Claire, “I have blindfolded the eyes…”

Crazy in love with his fiancée Claire Francisci, Arnaud Ducret has revealed the last surprise he had concocted for his 43rd birthday. Far from a simple invitation to the restaurant on the corner or a few words written in haste on a greeting card, the actor of 41 years has booked a magical night and unforgettable to his sweetheart.

I want to keep the flame burning

Interviewed by the journalists of Tv Star, he says : “I recently organised a dinner surprise for his birthday. I blindfolded before getting in the car and I took her to the second floor of the Eiffel tower.” A attention worthy of a true prince charming who has surely had to fill with happiness the ex-dancer at the Crazy Horse. “Under my carcass 1.90 m there is a hidden soul blue flower. I’m 41 years old, I want to keep the flame burning. I love to see my girlfriend laughing, the dancing, the surprise.” said Arnaud, who proves with this wonderful attention from his status as a boy-friend (and soon husband) perfect.

The lovers had met for the first time in 2015 during their participation in the program Rock ‘ n ‘ Roll Circus but this is only a few years later that they began dating. Arnaud and Claire were again crossed at a first time, and film actor Parents, mode d’emploi then had fallen “instantly in love” from Claire as he explained to journalists Gala : “At the time she entered the room, I immediately recognized. We looked into it. The time is stopped”. A love story worthy of a true fairy tale for the actor (dad of Oscar, 7 years old) and his girlfriend Claire (mum of triplets of 14 years).