Arnold Schwarzenegger : His son, Joseph, muscular like him, plays the super-hero

“Like father, like son”, as the saying goes ! Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joseph Baena illustrate this perfectly. The young man has inherited the passion for the strength of his father. He also shares with his followers on the social networks, and reveals to them his method of recovery is preferred after the sport : the cryotherapy.

Joseph Baena has nearly 165,000 followers on Instagram. It has issued a new video on may 22, 2020. The young man is filmed at the institute for Muscle Lab, which specialises in cryotherapy. He spent a session in a cold room and came out as the super hero-Bane, face hidden and in a cloud of smoke.

“Thank you @musclelabla for the super recovery post-workout,” writes @projoe2 in the caption of its publication. He said in his story will be made in Muscle Lab after a session of weight training of the legs. Even confined, Joseph does not lose the north !

Joseph Baena was born on October 2, 1997, five days after his half-brother, the young graduate Christopher Schwarzenegger. It is the result of the binding of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his former maid Mildren Baena. The actor was at the time married with Maria Shriver. The two women were pregnant at the same time.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was back on this new situation for the first time in the columns of the Los Angeles Times in may 2011, a few days after the announcement of his divorce from Maria Shriver. The actor had written that he was unaware of being the father of Joseph up to his 7 or 8 years. In 2012, in the 60 Minutes program, he explained : “[Joseph] began to look like me, it is there that I began to understand. I put together the puzzle.”