Arrested Mickey Madden, bassist for Maroon 5, with the accusation of domestic violence

The bassist of Maroon 5, Mickey Madden, has been arrested on charges of domestic violence. The musician would have been stopped Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles with the accusation of ‘violence voluntary a spouse or partner’, as he would have confirmed the police of THE Page Six. Madden, 41 years old, is not married and the identity of the alleged victim that would be in the house with him is not known. Was released after paying a bail of 50,000 dollars, always according to the reports the website. If convicted, could face up to six years in prison and a fine of $ 6,000. A representative for Maroon 5 said, “We are deeply devastated by this news as “bitter and disappointed”.

Al centro, Mickey Maddenin the photo: in The center, Mickey Madden

It is not the first time that Madden has had problems with the law. in fact, he was arrested on a charge of dealing cocaine in 2016: it was with James ‘Bingo’ Gubelmann, ex-boyfriend of Ivanka Trump, out of a New York city bar, when the police has claimed to have seen Madden’s give him a vial of the drug. At the time, the attorney Madden said to the New York Daily News that he was Gubelmann to hold the cocaine and that his client had not even touched the vial. The lawyer claimed that his client “was an innocent. He never held narcotics”. Later, he added: “he’s a good guy. You never had to do with the law before.” Madden agreed to serve a period of social services, after having submitted to the criminal Court of Manhattan, close the matter in six months.

Madden has played with Adam Levine and Maroon 5 from the beginning of their union, and the launch in the music market in the world. There are several photos of him next to the famous frontman and part sex symbol, who showed the audience a great union of the whole group, not only on the stage.