Assault of bernard tapie: his son learned it. in front of his TV! it brings details and reassures

Assault of bernard tapie: his son learned it. in front of his TV! it brings details and reassures

bernard tapie and his wife dominique were assaulted at their home in Combs-la-Ville, located in Seine-et-Marne, in the night of Saturday 3rd to Sunday 4th April 2021 by four malfrats. Pictures, shocking, of the 78-year-old businessman unveiled part of his face injuries. His stephane’s son insisted on being reassuring.

He himself found a little serenity after learning of his father’s aggression in front of his TV. On the key to my post, on April 5, stéphane tapie came back on what happened to his father and recounted the way he knew it. I found out at 6:30, when I get up, I don’t turn on my usual phone.

I’m taking my coffee, and I’m getting on TV like every morning, and then I’m learning it like that. And my wife says to me, “Don’t, quick, come and see what’s going on!” And then I turn on my phone and see 172 calls, messages from all over, and lots of friends.

But it’s hard, you see it on TV. Stéphane tapie, who threatened the thieves on twitter, also gave new glazing details about the assault of his bernard father and his dominic wife. “they wake up with the light in the eyes, direct bats (…) they put it ko in to be sure that it doesn’t move too much.

My father was tied by his hands and feet at the end of the bed. My mother-in-law they tied her by her hands dragging her by the hair in the house shouting at her to show where the safe was. And it lasts three quarters of an hour like that,” he unveiled, adding that the thieves left after eventually admitting that there was actually no safe.

Their boot goes up to a few jewels, including a ring and a watch. Bernard and his Dominican wife have since returned their special hotel on Rue des Saint-Pères, to betting. On the judicial side, the paris prosecutor took over the investigation opened by the melun prosecutor.