Astrid Nelsia deceived ? She announced her celibacy, and settles accounts

Astrid Nelsia was thought to have found in Matheus Vieira the man of her life, but the recent revelations have come to disturb his happiness. On Monday, June 1, 2020, the sultry brunette, who is engaged in the trading of naked pictures, has announced his break-up with the footballer of 21 years.

Without going into details, it was suggested that he had been unfaithful through his story Instagram. “I am most disappointed with the world in friendship and in love, you should know”, she first wrote. And to add, categorical, but still very enigmatic : “I don’t want to put myself in a couple, I don’t need a man in my life, at least for the time being (…) I have friends, money, a family, a dog, health. The lies, away from me.”

In the remainder of this session confidences, Astrid reveals to a half-word have been aware of the improper behaviour of his now ex through social networks. “The advantage of being known, it is that one comes all will return.” In addition to losing his companion in this mysterious case, Astrid Nelsia has also undertaken to do the sorting in his entourage. “There are people that I considered really like my friends, I was wrong !” Then, Matheus Vieira has he been caught in flagrante delicto of infidelity with one of her friends ? Astrid did épanchera no more on the subject, but one thing is for sure, she does not want to hear any more of the athlete. Besides, she was quick to delete all of the photos of the couple on his page Instagram, with the exception of a shot posted to propose a contest to its subscribers. “I have to leave it a month, I can not remove it. Not my fault, but I can’t wait to remove it”, she explained.

Astrid Nelsia and Matheus Vieira had formalized their relationship in the beginning of the year, on the 3rd of January last. The young man evolves as a professional footballer defender and currently plays for the club of Nyon, in Switzerland, where the candidate of reality tv had joined.