Astrid veillon confides himself to his relationship with his son’s father: “we no longer live under the same roof.”

Astrid veillon confides himself to his relationship with his son's father:

astrid veillon and stéphane blancafort have thus found their respective roles of léa and paul, to the ever more complicated relationship. On the approach to the return of police fiction, astrid veillon gave an interview to Télé-Star. She evokes a “cat and mouse game” that continues between her character and that of her filming partner.

A small game that she couldn’t lead herself in her own life, being rather the kind to share her feelings. “in love, you must have the courage to make decisions when a relationship is no longer right for you. Astrid veillon even confides having followed this advice for the couple she forms with her companion and father of her son (jules, 10 years,) gilles.

That we reassure, the comedian is always as crazy in love with her man, however, she leads a life of uncommon family. “we no longer live under the same roof. After thirteen years of common life, we figured we had to live our couple differently.

Well in his couple so, since these last adjustments, astrid veillon is also in general. I have the chance to live in my profession; I have a great son. I’m going to celebrate my 50 years this year and never been so good in my head,” she said again.

The interview of astrid veillon is to be found in full in the new issue of Télé-Star, in kiosks on 12 April 2021.