Audrey florot, a great first with his slippery jibil companion: “it was very nice”

Audrey florot, a great first with his slippery jibil companion:

It is a success that has not failed to be noticed, after an intense and roundly promoted. The hpi series on tf1 recorded an incredible start for its first night last Thursday, with 9.3 million viewers. However, the bet was not won and even audrey fleurot did not really seem convinced at the beginning of the adventure.

In this series, she plays a little bit of a larvae, but the enormous intellectual potential that gets hired by the lilies police to help her solve criminal investigations. For the needs of the series, the producers also appealed to the one who shares the life of audrey fleurot, the gliding jibil director. An excellent news for the 43-year-old actress, as she points out in the last issue of both of us.

“he has participated in the writing of the series, in which I have also been very involved. We worked together for the first time and it was very nice,” she says. A difficult situation to live for audrey florot, mother of a small lou (born in 2015), often remote from it.

It’s a situation he’s used to since he was born, and when I’m here, I’m taking care of him at 200 percent,” she says. Audrey fleurot had already mentioned a few months ago on her little lou and the conciliation between her education and her professional obligations. Playing the role of alvaro morgan in hpi, a mother of three children with little chastity, she pays attention not to give the wrong example to her son.

The entire interview of audrey fleurot is to be found in the number of May 4, 2021 of both of us.