Aurélie (Beijing Express) is an ex-candidate for his original marriage

Aurélie gave an interview to Purepeople. After unveiling the incredible marriage proposal to his companion, Benjamin, was the finalist of Beijing Express 2020 has given us the details of her wedding. The lovely blonde 40-year-old also spoke of his confinement.

How reacted your children the news ?

For my daughter who is almost 10 years old, it was exceptional. My son was a little less excited because he is very jealous, and very close to me. He has always said that the day I will marry with his father, he object to it because he wanted to marry me. Benjamin tells him that it is he who will marry me and asked her not to do anything stupid on the big day. I tell him my side that he will find a girl later on and that I hope that he will find a person with whom he will share all his life. We want to teach our children that it is important to engage, as life, this is not just to be individualistic but share something together, to be able to count on someone like I can do that with Benjamin.

Will they have a role at the ceremony ?

Yes, they will accompany us. I don’t want to just leave them on the bench. What are our children to honor. They should be near us. It is also their day, it was to seal our love as a united family. They are old enough to understand, so it is magic.

What it will look like your wedding ?

My theme is “chic and cocoon”. We will be getting married at the beginning of November, so there will be colours quite autumnal. We want this to be a bit different from what we can see usually. We are going to get married in a castle in Belgium. Of course, my sister Pauline will be one of my witnesses because they are more than related.

With containment, the organization has not been too disrupted ?

It was super complicated as I am a managing director of a company (ABC organization, Orchies) and mom. So I had to manage that side before the wedding. I already had the venue, the caterer, the photographer and the DJ before the confinement. For the rest, I am beginning to move. I have lots of things to think about. I would like to find a videographer, I must think of the animation. I wonder if I’m not going to take a wedding-planner… I like to make surprises to my guests and I want this to be a sharing moment for everyone. I still have not sent my make-units, they are in the process of printing. It is a friend graphic designer who created it with me, because I had a very precise idea. Side hairstyle, I appealed to a former candidate of Beijing Express that I like a lot and that counts a lot in my life since our meeting in the show : Joel, the hairdresser Marseille season 8. He has the fingers of a fairy, he does incredible things.

We saw on Instagram that you had found your dress.

Yes, it was quite complicated too. I had to go try dresses with a mask like it was in full containment. It was strange and unique at the same time. As I’m fairly difficult as well, because I like things original, I’ve tried a lot of dresses. It had to be something that looks like me. Finally, I chose a dress that was a real blow of heart for me. I had hesitated to choose it at first because I was afraid that she does not like me also to my man. I don’t know if he’s going to appreciate it, but you reassured me by telling me that he will find me beautiful no matter what I choose.

Your future husband is it invested in the preparations ?

It is invested, but he loves to let me do. The organization, that is what I like, and he knows it. He was just afraid that I have to do all at the last moment, because I am rather like that. Whatever the event, I always do things the hard, but while doing well. There, he would prefer that I take more advance for the wedding. On 31 October, we will do our civil wedding, on the day of Halloween. I love messing around so I offered him this date (laughs). We can do an evening in a small committee, then on the theme of the day of the dead. Something festive and colorful, as in Mexico. In November, we will do the wedding in the church and the great feast.

Candidates of Peking Express will they be invited ?

I invited the brothers woodcutters, Julie and Denis, too. Several candidates will be present, as they are part of my life.

How have you lived this long period of confinement ?

It was quite upsetting. We focus on the family. In everyday life, it was more difficult for Benjamin, who was managing the children, be-cause of a disease that affects the kidneys, he was arrested for not taking risks. One is in CE1 and the other in CM1 so there was a lot of homework. It took a lot of patience. It was not to be able to share good times with the family too. But, on the other hand, it was still more welded to all four. I continued to manage the company, but once home, I took advantage of them. We focus on the family, education, and we had a lot of moments of sharing. There, my children have returned to school. They are super happy to resume a social life, even if we spent good moments together. One is reassured because they are working better than at the house and burst open.

You work with your sister in the family business. The economic impact is not too great for you ?

Yes, it has been complicated for two months. It was a factory where they make cupboards and closets to measure. And in general, the trade will home to sell, because it is our core target. But with the containment, this was not possible, so we had a hole in our orders. But it was decided not to close the business, to adapt by reducing personnel and to maximize telework when it was possible. We have a hole in our turnover, but today, it takes again little by little. With containment, people have probably sorted their business and are now in need of storage. So we have a lot of work even if it does not catch everything that was lost. But we hang on to, we try to stay positive and supportive in the team.

Will you be able to go on vacation ?

I’m leaving in Corsica. I need to recharge myself, because I have not had a break during confinement. I will be able to see Julie and Denis who live there.

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