Aya nakamura, her 20-year-old hidden pregnancy: “I waited seven months”.

Aya nakamura, her 20-year-old hidden pregnancy:

Everything quickly got chained to aya nakamura. Six years ago, warner discovered his talent at the same time as his clips on youtube. Then 20 years old, the young singer was pregnant with her daughter Aïcha.

A pregnancy she chose to keep secret, hiding her at her record house, as she gave her to vanity fair for the April 2021 issue, of which she made the cover. It was winter, I waited seven months and there: ‘bim!’. Here I am pregnant,” remembers her while mimating to open her coat.

Today, her little girl is 4 years old. She has long hid her “true craft”: that of a very popular artist in the little ones of her age. His great portrait in vanity fair explains that his little one didn’t understand why “the greatest ones were burning when his mother appeared.”

She had not asked, I wanted to protect her,” she said today. While we used to see her in luxury clothes on instagram, aya nakamura appeared in her normal life in the video announcing her last much more personal opus, aya. Always surrounded by friends or family – even professionally -, aya nakamura has a precious relationship with his father, former bartender of the airport of kingssy, now retired.

He’s a father, but he’s also a man. Find the portrait of aya nakamura in full in the April 2021 issue of vanity fair.