Bad Bunny publishes the new album YHLQMDLG and sings in the skirt for a transgender killed in puerto Rico

Bad Bunny has published midnight of Saturday, February 29, his third album “Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana” (YHLQMDLG). The star of the puerto rican chose to skip the official day of the exits, which is usually Friday, because, in the end, as it says in the title of the album, now is what he wants. In these years, Bad Bunny has distinguished himself as one of the most important artists in the world, certainly one of the main promoters of the explosion of Latin music in the world, with reggaeton and the like to conquer the charts all over the world, expanding to the point of becoming a phenomenon in the United States, and in bringing Latin american music to conquer the world.

Collaborations YHLQMDLG

The new album, that was announced a few days ago, is a work very long, there are 20 songs, and saw collaborations with artists such as Daddy Yankee, Sech, Blackberry, Yaviah, but not Justin Bieber, as someone could imagine. The album comes after the release in 2019 of the album in a couple with J Balvin “Oasis”, and her debut album, solo or “X 100pre” in 2018. The urban Latin-american, then, fills in another important piece, published by one of its exponents the most important, along with singers such as J Balvin, of course, but also Ozuna and Maluma. The song’s video, which was launched in the Italian night, are already grinding out impressive numbers, as usual for the singer, who some time ago wanted to launch an important message.

The message to Alexa

During his set on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, in addition to reveal the meaning of the album is also performed in the “Ignorantes”, singing in a skirt and a t-shirt dedicated to Alexa Negrón Luciano, a transgender killed in puerto Rico. The singer, in fact, had a black skirt and a t-shirt with written: “They killed Alexa is not a man with a skirt”, as they had written, referring to her, some of the local newspapers.

Bad Bunny is what people likes

My work is what I love, I do simply what gives me satisfaction. I try to do what people like and I try to do what pleases me,” he told the singer to ET. “I try to be honest and do what I want, doing everything possible not to have limits. The fact that people manage to get in contact with me and are inspired by me, for me is the maximum. It is an honor for me to represent the urban music, reggaeton, trap, and hip hop (…) I tried to give the world a little bit of creativity and words”. The singer was also one of the protagonists, a few weeks ago, the Super Bowl Halftime Show 2020 with Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, the cast thought of their own to embrace a public very precise. But the puerto rican singer was also the protagonist of the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.