Baptist (top chef 2021) too close to pauline? his girlfriend laughs yellow.

Baptist (top chef 2021) too close to pauline? his girlfriend laughs yellow.

Since the launch of top chef 2021, baptist and pauline have shown a great complicity. But this departure is not enough to dispel the crazy fabs of internet users saying them as a couple. Interviewed here paris, pauline returns on his particular relationship with his Baptist acolyte.

“the fans of the program imagine that we’re together and I’m having a lot of fun. But you have to know that baptism is in a couple, and I think it’s a lot less fun for her girlfriend.” Hard for the Baptist lover to see the viewers imagine his tender and dear companion in couple with another.

If baptist was not publicly expressed at the time on the subject, pauline had already mentioned the subject exclusively for He’s really a friend, a very good friend, but it stops there,” told us the beautiful one who says he’s single. Stone, an eliminated candidate who cooked with pauline and baptist within the paired paul brigade, had also delivered his felt on the question to

“I have absolutely nothing to say about it, we would have to ask them, had he dropped, had he had fun. If between baptist and pauline, there is nothing more than friendship, it has already happened in the past that two top-leaders break each other. Noemia honiat (top chef 2012) and quntin bourdy (top chef 2015) have been living a beautiful love story for years: the couple is married and parent of two beautiful children.

Like what, love is not only in the meadow, but also in the kitchen at M6!