Bear and francesco zangrillo, tender is the night – exclusive

Bear and francesco zangrillo, tender is the night - exclusive

So far: here they are in a special evening in the exclusive images of the weekly Today…the barbarian of Ursus and the Franciscan zangrillo continue to see each other. Even if the conductor (pictured yesterday and today) has been proclaimed single, the weekly today pinched it with a beautiful man who made it (finally) back to beat the heart. Between denials, silences and false slopes, here we can confirm: to speak for them there are these images.

It’s the 64-year-old birthday and barbaric only celebrates him with a few close, he’s part of it. Saturday evening at the house of Urso, zone course como, in milan, resounds music from the windows. There is a second birthday party extended to some friends: drink and dance and this time of zangrillo there is no trace.

Look, he quits alone on Sunday night, right at her’s house, when the presenter comes back from dove, after Sunday live conduction. Memo remigi: “I betrayed my wife with a barbarian of Ursus.” and the replica of the conductor is poisonous – looknow has time for private life – a sweet consolation. For years, the d’Urso had been very busy on TV, if the weekend was really found without plans to be conducted, it would finally have time for his private life and love.

“We must always be silent when we read absolutely false news, so much so they will be denied by the facts,” he commented. In any case, the beautiful zangrillo in a season free from commitments would fall, as they say, at bean because, together, they could experience how the new liaison works.