Beatrice of York : princess married in secret with Edoardo !

This royal wedding is definitely the one of all the twists and turns ! As reported by the tabloid The Sun on July 17, 2020, the princess Beatrice of York and her fiancé Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi were married in great secrecy on Friday. The British 31-year-old and his companion the Italian 37-year-old united during an intimate ceremony held at Windsor castle, in the presence of his father, prince Andrew, who lives there year-round (the Royal Lodge), and his grandmother, queen Elizabeth. The monarch 94-year-old has also been spotted in his vehicle leaving the scene, dressed in one of his famous tailors colourful.

Prince Philip, aged 99 years, also attended the wedding, in the middle of the twenty guests who have complied with the measures of social distancing, a public health crisis requires. “A large wedding was out of the question because of the coronavirus, has been reported to be a friend of Beatrice in the Sun. They wanted, of course, that the queen is vienna so the marriage had to be done before she leaves for Balmoral, so it was the right time.” Each summer, Elizabeth II and her husband spend in the beautiful season in their castle in Balmoral, Scotland, where the rest of the clan the tour usually for a few days of family vacation.

“Many of the guests were disappointed not to attend the big day, but understood the reason, continues the same source. They had to ensure that marriage is safe, having regard to the coronavirus and without risk to the queen, so what better place than the Chapel of the saints [at Windsor castle] and the on-site reception at the Royal Lodge, has added the source of the tabloid. It is just a family like any other, they have had to make sacrifices just like many others who have experienced ups and downs in the country and they are waiting eagerly to celebrate it when the time comes.”