Beatrice Valli, 25 years old, is a mother three of a kind: born Blue. And dad Marco Fantini… is in tilt for the joy

Beatrice Valli has given to the Blue light: the influencers of 25-year-old, former suitor of Men and Women, in the early hours of the 13th of may became a mother for the third time. And his father Marco Fantini is situated in the seventh heaven, overwhelmed with fatigue, and… confused because of too much joy. The maxi brutale family continues to grow: the firstborn is “To” Alexander (played by Beatrice 16 years with the footballer Nicolas Bovi), in 2017 has arrived “Bubi” White and now the sweet finish with Blue

Beatrice Valli pregnant and Marco Fantini, from the Men and Women to the maxi family, comes the third daughter!

THE FIRST SWEET – Beatrice wanted to share it with followers the first sweet photo of her baby girl just born. As he had already done with the pregnancy “in quarantine” and the steps towards the birth. After breaking the waters, in the night between the 11th and the 12th of may, he posted a selfie with the mask on social. “The next photo will be with Blue, hope to see you soon!”, had written. “Tonight, at 01:00 am I have broken the waters, I waited a bit to go to the hospital because I had neither contractions nor loss particular, to the 7 I was accompanied by the Captain who now is at home all agitated (men) who hoped soon to receive my call and of course will go quickly in the hospital!!”.

Beatrice Valli, and Marco Fantini, love, broke out, Men and Women,

WHAT A SUPER FAMILY! – For the couple, born in the Men and Women in 2014, when the former tronista chose between the corteggiatrici, it is as if it were the first time… the excitement never changes. “I’m in love again,” says dad Mark, after taking the arms d’azur and spent the night awake with the kids waiting for the little sister. “It is the most beautiful thing in the world”.

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