Beba: “Thanks to us, the girls who listen to rap now have references to more neighbors”

When you talk about a rap, which in recent years has begun to seriously talk about (the numbers) also women do not you can not think of Beba. The rapper torinese, in fact, has been, without a doubt, one of the artists who most, in recent years, has made us feel its specific weight in a world dominated usually by the male component. Things are changing a bit and should be even to her – who in the meantime has entered the ride Machete, as well as participating on the last Mixtape – that, after having experienced, in the last month, with the release of “stories” has been more comfortable with “Cringe”, a piece in which she duets with Samuray Jay, and that officially marks a further step towards his first album.

How did the idea of Cringe?

Cringe comes from the production of Scarlett Essence (the producer with whom she has collaborated for years, ed) that I was inspired by this mood a bit latineggiante, I wrote my verse in a very instinctive way, starting from the story of this society in which we live in which is contrary to the conception of reality. For some, now, seems to be that social, while we know what you see there is 99% of the time artifact. It is also a way to invite the girls more obsessed by social – which tend, for example, to compare their bodies to that of the models that appear on the feeds of IG – understand that what you see is not the reality.

However, there is a short circuit, watching the way in which you artists use Instagram…

Your career also depends a little bit from the way in which it is used IG. It is not the first time that the stretch of these topics, or make some references to bring to reason in this sense, also because I am the first to suffer from this dynamic: having to live on social for to operate your music. To me it is natural, therefore, to do a critique in order to say: “Yes, ok, use social that are a blast, but remember that in the moment in which you live to capture the moment and not to live it, there is something that is not working”.

However, at this point, I naturally ask if there is a half-step back, for example, with respect to the message that davi in “Tonic” in which there was a sort of cult of the body?

But the cult of the body is subjective, in the sense that “Toned” not; I praise, to the standard that you see on a social network is a hymn to their own standards, to take care of yourself so that you feel in the best possible way, but not to resemble what you see on IG.

What is the cringe that comes to your mind?

Perhaps one of the most cringe that comes to mind for me are the profiles of a couple, but there are so many, or, to stay in theme, was an experience spending a lot of money that you have and then immortalize her on social.

That is also what happens to some of your colleagues, especially at the beginning of the career…

It is a classic, especially in the environment of music, who begins to handle a bit more money than the ones that you had before, you immediately think about investing in designer clothes to photograph them once and put them on IG instead, perhaps, to think of their own independence.

The feat with Samuray is always born from your great relationship with Naples?

Born in the best possible way, by the fact that we are very good friends and there is a great mutual esteem. I met the live of the Psalm in Naples: contacted him because I knew he was a fan of the Psalm, but had never had the chance to know him, so, being a very empathic I proposed to come to presentarglielo. I created this meeting, and from there we felt often, we are in contact and we remained good friends, and then when I wrote that verse, I immediately had in mind this chorus that I could see well with an important item, and especially with that flow there, as he does.

“Cringe” was released a month after “stories”, you’re not an artist who publishes a piece in this month, what happened this time?

The lockdown I had enough cut off the legs, I was closing pieces, but I had to be ready to be let out, because they were written but not recorded well, so I could not do as some of my colleagues that have come out during that period. When everything is finished “stories” was the most ready, so I decided to make it out, and then prepare the output of the piece I was thinking more, that was just “Cringe”.

I admit one thing, I have thought evil, or that perhaps that piece you had not heard fully on him. I thought I’m not completely satisfied, am I wrong?

To me, “As the stories of” like it a lot, it was also a bit of an experiment. I am experiencing so much new facets of my music, because I’m a bit bored to stay in the same square. “Like the stories” it was an experiment, I’ll be honest, it was not supposed to get out at that moment, but it was also a way to understand how my audience would have perceived this to me a little bit more melodic, more romantic… I like it very much, but I understand if a piece of my audience, what I prefer the most aggressive, has not felt ready.

In an old interview I read of the dream of a feat with Rosalìa, according to you, is lacking in these parts, the desire to experiment a little? And how are you doing?

I’m working a lot on this thing, but I can’t spoilerarti too, can’t spoil the surprise, I’ll tell you only that are very much at work in this sense: during this quarantine I tried to do anything to be able to find the right thing, and then are directed. I have a great desire to stay in the circle, I want to experiment, there will be many ideas in my next projects.

That we will listen to some albums that you post in the near future?

Well also on that side has me a little cut the legs of the lockdown, but it’s all in the preparation.

In that way the advent of a female in the genre is something changing in the rapgame?

Now we can say that the girls who hear us have points of reference a bit more clear. When I started there were none, the situation has changed and can only improve, especially if you stop to think that all women hate each other, they dissano, is divided in opposite categories in rap and female rap and male, these dynamics sexist, then there will be no problem.

Feel I want to close by returning to romanticism, to which you also refer to before and citandoti an old piece that shows a side of yourself different from what many have come to know and expect: “I’m so tough but I love the sunrise over the Po and when I look at it I get excited” (in “Evil or good”).

Arrived at a certain point, even not having a discography behind – even if they are a few years that I attend – at a certain point in my writing, I realized that, even on the basis of the evolution of my person, I was close to this character that I had created, a little girl, a little angry, snooty, that he must always prove something, I was close and I said to myself that this, too, a woman of character but they are also extremely sweet and I was sorry to deprive my audience – who, like me, is so sincere, – of the sides that I characterize it, making it plain that only this cazzimma from Real Talk, to speak.