Beijing Express 2021 : Cold sweats for Jenny and Crisoula, black flag return

Beijing Express 2021 : Cold sweats for Jenny and Crisoula, black flag return

The Beijing Express 2021 adventure continued as a result of the elimination of the unknown Sabine and Loïc. In the episode of March 2, the 14 candidates in competition discovered one of the wildest regions in East Africa. Not to mention the famous black flag that came to upset everything.

It was in Fort Portal, Uganda that the second stage of the adventure began. The second, third and fourth position of the pair qualified for the immunity test. All ended up boarding a car, heading the bonus car sign that could allow them to have a chauffeur on their own for an hour fifteen.

It was finally Florent and Christmas who had this privilege while the others once again had to do auto-stop. With the exception of the passengers of the bonus car, the candidates had a bad surprise. There were:- A school bus where they had to solve the duties of children’s maths (chosen by Christophe and Claire).

– A tractor filled with peppers and one had to be eaten every five minutes so that the driver would move (chosen by Rose-Marie and Cinzia). – A factor was to deliver four postcards and the recipients were to be found (chosen by Aurore and Jonathan). – Finally, bikes heavily loaded with bananas (default by Crisoula and Jenny who were the last).

Once each challenge is successful, back to the auto-stop to reach Stéphane Rotenberg in Katwe Village. They had the right to call a person of their choice (their parents), qualified for next week and were able to see the gorillas. They were followed by Florent and Noël, Christophe and Claire and then Aurore and Jonathan, the participants in the immunity test.

Black flag and eliminationAfter one night at the inhabitant, the three qualified immunities were found in Stéphane Rotenberg on the shores of Lake Katwe. A candidate had to pick up salt in a dish and put it in trays hung on his arm. So the other had to carry them without breaking the balloons to their side with the needle that was below the trays.

Christophe, who almost won with Claire, couldn’t hold his tears after his defeat. Jenny and Crisoula, Christophe and Claire, Florent and Christmas then Kaoutar and Nour continued the race. The team that arrived with the black flag was to fight the final duel.

As in previous years, the binomes could give it to those they crossed to get rid of it. After moving from hands to hands, which caused many tensions and a few low blows, the flag ended with Crisoula and Jenny. The niece and aunt played the final duel against the team of their choice: Cinzia and Rose-Marie.

They chose the Parisiennes because they did not hesitate to give the model of the car in which they were after giving the black flag to Florent and Christmas. While Jenny was in the lead, her drivers lost on the way back, to give her cold sweats and make her spit. And there was what because because of that, Rose-Marie caught up in her delay.

On the hearing side, M6 placed third with its 2.69 million viewers, which is 13.7% market share over the 4 years. The sixth channel was pushed forward by France 3, which rebroadcasted the fiction Le Pont du Devil (4,04 million viewers).